Wanderlei Silva wanted two more rounds with Chael Sonnen at Bellator NYC.

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Now, Silva wants a rematch with Sonnen.

Silva appeared on Submission Radio recently to discuss the fight with Sonnen and also proclaimed his approval of Sonnen taking on Fedor Emelianenko.

What if felt like for Wanderlei being backstage at Bellator NYC and warming up for his first fight in four years

“I felt incredible because this time out was a very hard time for me and my dream was (to return) back to fight, and this night I made my dream come true.”

What the hardest thing was about his four-year absence from MMA

“Yeah, because I stopped fighting, because I had some problems with the old organisation. But after I finished with that problem, the biggest events in the world contacted me and gave me the opportunity to fight on a great card and a great event. This was an amazing night for me.”

If Wanderlei ever worried he’d never fight again

“No. I thought the solution (was) gonna be just the time. And my old boss (was) a really good guy because he let me go and this be a great attitude for him. And I had my problems with him because when two lions be together, it’s tough because the lions (are) gonna fight. But I respect him a lot. He’s a great promoter. He give me the opportunity to fight in great events and I’m so thankful for him.”

How it felt training once again for a fight

“Yeah, this was a hard time for me. I learned a lot cause I trained with a lot of young fighters and I put martial arts in my life again and I’m so happy to back to training, to make the class like a regular student. I learned a lot. I felt really good to (be) coming back to fight.”

What it felt like walking out at Bellator NYC for the first time and if it reminded him of Pride FC

“Yeah, (I felt) a lot of emotions because the arena is the biggest arena, the most famous arena in the world and the arena was packed – like, the guys made it sold out – and I know that millions and millions of people were watching around the world, and I felt so happy to be a part of this card and be a part of this day.”

What Wanderlei’s game plan was to beat Sonnen

“My plan was to catch him exactly when he gonna try to take my down, but my plan no work very well because he’s fast, he’s doing his game plan very well. I need to say, he prepared himself very well for this fight and that night be his night.”

If emotions were a factor for Wanderlei during the fight

“Man, the truth, In the finish, I felt sad, mad because I wanted to make a really good fight, not just take the guy down and hold (him). I like to make battles, I like to make it a great fight, and that night he played the game too long and he won. But I like to fight different, you know? I like to fight with more emotion.”

What it was like for Wanderlei when he hit Sonnen and dropped him

“The truth, (when I knocked) him down and I went to give him the punch, he take off his head away. So close, so close. If I hit that punch (it was) gonna be the finish. And the truth, I’m thinking the best moments in the fight were my moments. I be more close to winning the fight than him.”

What Wanderlei was thinking when he shoved Chael post fight

“I wanted to make it two more rounds. I wanted to make the fight back. I feel sad with me, I feel sad that my game plan didn’t work and man, I just want to have the rematch. I’m gonna train a lot, I’m gonna prove I can beat him.”

If Wanderlei wants an immediate rematch against Sonnen

“I don’t know if it’s gonna be the next (fight), but one day.”

If Wanderlei felt the cage rust

“The truth – I started to feel the fight. It make me (feel) like a little bit in trouble, but after the first round I feel good and I think in the next fight it’ll be better.”

If Wanderlei respects Chael after their fight

“Of course he won the fight, you know. He won the fight on decision, on points and (now it’s) 1-0. I need to try to make 1-1. Next (fight will make it) 1-1 for sure.”

Why Wanderlei didn’t do the press conference after the event

“This be my choice, because after I lost I didn’t have anything to say. Tonight be his night, he needed to enjoy it.”

How soon Wanderlei wants to fight again

“I think I’m gonna be back soon. I don’t have any injuries and I feel good, I feel happy. That is the best thing I can have, and I wanted to make a good fight, classic fight. I wanted to make a fight that everybody stopped to watch, to bring the attention around to the new guys and try to put MMA on the top again.”

“I think we have a lot of good names. Bellator’s doing good to give the opportunity to everybody to fight, the biggest names fight, and I wanna try to push MMA to the top and make more fans and make MMA great again.”

If this is the happiest Wanderlei has been in a long time due to being back in the cage

“Yeah, because I had a lot of battles, mental battles, I have (been) training a lot since fighting. When I be in the cage I feel great because I know the moment’s gonna be back, I know I can do it again. And on this day I’m doing it again.”

How long Wanderlei wants to fight for

“Now I make one fight each time and I’ll take the time and just go.”

“Now I am an artist. I make presentations of martial arts. I want to make big classics, big fights. I want to make great fights. And when Bellator put a striker I against me, I’m gonna make a great show.

If Wanderlei is a fan of the Sonnen vs. Fedor fight

“I think yes. I think it can be a great match”