For Valentina Shevchenko, the pursuit of becoming champion was a dream that began 20 years ago.

Shevchenko takes on Amanda Nunes Saturday night for the UFC female bantamweight title. Earlier this week, she talked about that chase of the belt on “UFC Tonight.”

Shevchenko on how she’s prepared for the title fight with Nunes: “I’ve done martial arts for 20 years. I started at 5 years old. I’m very focused on this fight. I’m ready. I can’t wait to Saturday to show all my skills and put all my heart into the fight.”

Shevchenko on the losing the first fight to Nunes: “It was in the past. Everything I took from that fight I will use. It’ll will completely different. I’ve used the year to build. I will be very strong.”

Shevchenko on Nunes punching her at the press conference: “It tells one thing. There’s a lot of pressure, media and people watching her. She couldn’t control herself. I will respond 10 times harder during the fight.”

Shevchenko on what holes she sees in Nunes’ game: “It’s not about her. It’s only about me. I feel very strong.”