Hours after Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather was announced, “UFC Tonight” tossed the script out the window and devoted much of the program to the upcoming boxing match.

Below are several comments from UFC fighters and media members regarding the August 26 bout:

FOX Sports UFC analyst Brian Stann: “Conor is a special athlete and entertainer. I’m happy for him to get this tremendous opportunity. He has earned it. I am also anxious for this event to be over so the UFC lightweight champion can face the top contenders in MMA’s most talented division.”

FOX Sports UFC analyst Gilbert Melendez: “This is a huge day for combat sports. For the first time ever an MMA/UFC champion will cross over into the world of boxing and challenge arguably the best boxer of our time. It’s a risk, it’s dangerous and I want to see it. Can Conor win? Can he even touch Floyd? Most likely not, but you can’t deny Conor has power in his left and I want to see what happens if it lands. At the end of the day, it’s the entertainment business and this is the Money Fight.”

FOX Sports UFC analyst Rashad Evans: “I think this fight is amazing. Not so much that I think it will be competitively close, but that two of the best combat sports have been able to make this fight happen. Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer of all time going against McGregor, who has such a strong belief in himself that it seems he manifests his victories as if he has some sort of magical power. Win, lose or draw, I finally and forever become a true McGregor fan because he continues to challenge himself and the norms of society.”

FOX Sports UFC host Todd Grisham: “Am I excited for the fight? Yes! Will it probably be a boring, one-sided fight? Yes! But who cares? The buildup will be amazing and it will be a fight we will remember forever, no matter what happens. I can’t wait.”

FOX Sports UFC analyst Yves Edwards: “Conor McGregor is making his boxing debut in what could be the biggest fight in boxing’s history. That’s a testament to his star power. However, it’s a boxing match and as fantastic as Conor has been, I’m taking Mayweather.”

FOX Sports UFC analyst Miesha Tate: “It will be interesting to see how this thing plays out. Clearly Floyd is the better boxer, but what no one is taking into account is just how good Conor is at the mental game.”

UFC play-by-play announcer Jon Anik: “What a time to be alive! It is absolutely remarkable that Conor McGregor, in a relatively short amount of time, became the biggest money fight for Floyd Mayweather. From Conor’s standpoint, I like the fact that the fight is at 154 pounds, which is right in his wheelhouse. I’m not saying he’s going to win the fight, but I certainly will be betting on him and give him a better chance than most.”