Thiago Tavares vs. Robbie Peralta

We begin the main card with featherweight action, as Thiago Tavares (18-5-1) takes on Robbie Peralta (18-4).

Round 1: This marks Tavares’ debut at featherweight. They exchange right hands and Tavares shoots for a takedown. Nice single-leg takedown directly into side-control for Tavares. Peralta back to his feet, but Tavares grapples him right back down and locks in both hooks. Tavares flattens him out and is unloading with shots to the head. Peralta trying to cover up right in front of the ref with over three minutes to go in the round. Tavares back to working for a rear-naked choke, as he still has mount. Again he flattens out Peralta and tees off with shots. Peralta is in trouble, as he gets mounted. He’s doing a nice job of tying up Tavares now and limiting the damage. Tavares again with the mount and lands a nasty elbow. Tavares continues to work for the choke, as he has both hooks in again and secures the submission.

Thiago Tavares def. Robbie Peralta via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:27 of Round 1