Trevor Smith vs. Tor Troeng

Middleweights hit the Octagon for our next contest, as Trevor Smith (11-5) faces off with Ultimate Fighter alum Tor Troeng (16-5-1).

Round 1: Smith lands a pair of leg kicks and shoots for a takedown, but Troeng denies him and they clinch. Troeng flexes his might, bullying Smith against the fence. Smith gets a good knee off while inside the clinch and they separate after a struggle. Troeng lands a left, throws a kick and avoids another takedown. Off the separation, he connects with the best shot of the round and proceeds to drop Smith. Troeng tries to take the back, is denied and eats a huge knee when he attempts to stand up. Now back inside the clinch, Troeng hammers away with knees to the body, one after another. Front-kick from the Swede and Smith takes some deep breathes.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Troeng

Round 2: Troeng with a kick-takedown combo right off the bat. He’s patient and waits for his opportunity to advance. Troeng mounts, gets bucked off and rolled to his back. Excellent job of grappling by Smith on the ground and he starts hammering away with rights. Smith now inside the guard of Troeng with three minutes to go. Smith being warned for punches to the back of the head, so he modifies his striking shots and lands to the side. Troeng gets to the fence in an attempt to stand up, but is eating more and more shots. He is finally able to get upright and ties Smith up, holding him against the cage now. Troeng with a takedown in the final seconds, working for a guillotine choke. It was in deep, but the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Smith

Round 3: Smith this time starts the round off with a takedown, but Troeng gains the advantage, switching to the back and locking in a hook. As he tries to get the second hook in, Smith reverses and moves inside the guard. Good elbows from the top by Smith with three minutes to go in the fight. Smith does more damage before they stand up. They roll and Smith winds up back inside the guard as both men are fatigued. Troeng attempts an arm-lock, but Smith ties him up and continues to pound away with rights to the face. Smith is working a D’arce choke, planting knees to Troeng’s body at the same time. A strong round for him.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Smith

Trevor Smith def. Tor Troeng via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)