Fabricio Werdum vs. Marcin Tybura tonight (Sat., Nov. 18, 2017) at UFC Fight Night 121 mixed martial arts (MMA) event from inside Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia, broadcast live on FOX Sports 1. The fight would be a high-paced (for heavyweight) mostly striking affair, with Werdum proving he still belongs near the top of the division.

Werdum came out kicking, low and high, and Tybura stayed with him in the pocket, looking to counter his high kicks with hooks. Werdum pushed forward and Tybura threw at him as he came in. Werdum landed a body kick. Tybura ate a left hook but countered with a combination. Werdum pushed forward, landing a nice combination and tried for a single-leg, but couldn’t get it. He took Tybura’s back standing, landing knees and trying to drag Tybura down. He couldn’t quite get the takedown, but he kept double underhooks. He got Tybura to his hands and knees for a moment, but when he tried to jump on the back, Tybura shucked him over his head and took the dominant clinch position, dumping Werdum to the canvas right as the round ended.

The second round began and Werdum slammed home a one-two and leaned back just far enough to avoid a Tybura high kick. Tybura nearly ate a wild flying knee from Werdum. Fabricio landed a body kick. Tybura switched stances into a body kick of his own. Werdum landed another body kick but ate a jab. Tybura hit Werdum with a big head kick. Werdum pushed forward throwing hooks, most of which Tybura succeeded in avoiding. Tybura hit another high kick. Werdum popped him with a right straight. This was a high-paced bout for heavyweight. Tybura threw a long front kick and rolled just away from a Werdum combination. He looked to counter a Werdum teep with an overhand. Werdum landed a low kick and Tybura threw it right back at him. Tybura slipped a punch and hit Werdum with some nice dirty boxing in the clinch. Werdum jabbed and wheel kicked. Tybura smiled at him. Werdum got Tybura into the Thai clinch and landed some really nice hooks. Tybura threw back in a nice exchange to end the round.

They spent a lot of time in kicking range in round three. Werdum touched Tybura’s chin with a wicked flying knee but Tybura acted unaffected. He hit a highkick in return, and tried to sweep the Brazilian from Werdum’s Thai clinch. Tybura threw that step-up high kick again. Werdum clinched and they exchanged some nice dirty boxing hooks and uppercuts, each man landing. Tybura slipped and looked to counter in the pocket. Werdum hit a low kick, shifted forward and hit a nice left straight. Tybura checked Werdum’s lead hand and landed a nice right hook. Werdum was going after Tybura now, getting him in the Thai clinch and landing some beautiful knees. Tybura tied his arms up. Werdum looked for a takedown for a moment before separating. He threw another body kick, and they touched gloves when the round ended.

They spent a lot of time at kicking range to start the fourth round, and Werdum landed a nice right straight. Tybura hit a nice jamming oblique kick and Werdum responded with a low kick. Werdum got a single-leg for a second and gained dominant clinch position when Tybura scrambled up and away. They separated. They traded jabs, and Werdum came in with a combination. Tybura slipped a jab but ate another. Werdum finally got his single-leg takedown in open space, advancing to half guard and landing hard elbows from top position. Werdum looked to smother Tybura while he passed guard, eventually getting to side control, in scarf position. He landed nice short elbows but suddenly Tybura created space and got back up, Werdum hitting an elbow as he got back up. Tybura shot in and Werdum snatched a guillotine, but Tybura was saved by the bell.

They gave a tired half-hug to each other to start the final round. Tybura landed a nice jab, circling, and hitting a high kick that seemed to stun Werdum for a split second. Tybura landed a hook. They stopped for a second to fix Werdum’s gloves. Werdum landed a nice jab. Tybura clipped Werdum several times as Werdum advanced, but the Brazilian’s chin held. Tybura ducked a spinning backfist. Tybura was landing nicely and then Werdum stepped in, Werdum hit a hard body kick. Tybura slipped a jab and threw a hard hook. Tybura Werdum flurried, eating shots but landing more than he ate. Tybura slipped another jab and missed a flying knee from Werdum. Werdum went after Tybura as the round wore down, landing hooks and knees as the fight wore to an end.

Werdum congratulated Tybura on a “very nice fight” and said his big goal is the belt again- he wants one more to hang on his wall. He says all fights in the UFC are hard, but he wants his next step to be for the belt. He has a large Brazilian contingent in attendance that cheer for him when he spouts off some rapid-fire Portuguese. Great win for Werdum, who shows he still has the pace and cardio to win a five-round fight at heavyweight.

Official result: Fabricio Werdum def. Marcin Tybura (50-45×2, 49-46)

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