Legendary warriors Matt Brown and Diego Sanchez met tonight (Sat., Nov. 11, 2017) at UFC Fight Night 120 inside Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, Va., airing live on FOX Sports 1. Matt Brown had announced prior to this bout that he was hanging up his gloves with this one last fight; while Diego Sanchez refused to even consider retirement, having alternated wins and losses for his past seven bouts. Both fighters had been showing signs of age, suffering recent knockout losses after careers built on legendary toughness and incredible chins. Whose chin would give out first tonight?

Diego was giving his signature snarl as the bout started, and came out extremely fast and aggressive. He landed a right hand to cover for his shot, getting in on Matt Brown’s hips with a single-leg against the cage. Brown held off the takedown, looking for an elbow to the side of Diego’s head. Sanchez kept Brown pinned against the cage for a bit; then they separated. Diego threw hard hooks, just clipping Brown at the end of his punches. He shot again on a single-leg, but Brown kept his balance and circled off the fence. Brown was working his jab, looking to gauge the distance. Diego was sprinting in behind his punches. Brown stuffed another single-leg easily. Brown caught a kick and got Diego to the cage, but Diego landed a liver kick that buckled Brown momentarily. Diego didn’t follow up, and Brown kept up the pressure. Brown landed a nice knee. He caught another kick, put his palm in Diego’s face, and landed a huge elbow that put Diego Sanchez out cold! FS1 glitched, so I didn’t see the moment live. Apparently no one did, as the commentators noted that FS1 was having technical isssues right at the moment of the finish. Eventually they showed the replay after a commercial break.

Each fighter gave the other a lot of respect after the bout. Brown said in the post-fight interview the crowd should thank Diego Sanchez, one of the truest warriors in the sport. He said he wished he and Diego could have put on a longer fight. His kids clambered into the cage and Brown posed with them in an adorable moment for “the Immortal.” If this is indeed the end for Brown, what a way to end a career.

Official result: Matt Brown def. Diego Sanchez via knockout (3:44 of round 1)

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