Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee appeared on a recent edition of UFC Tonight to promote their UFC 216 fight for the interim lightweight title.

And just like how the rivalry started, the two had trouble letting the other get a word in during the interview.

Ferguson and Lee square off Saturday night.

The complete interview can be viewed above, with highlights below:

Kevin Lee on when Tony Ferguson visited the college wrestling team: “He came back, he was a weirdo then, and he’s even weirder now.”

Tony Ferguson how Lee got this fight: “I told you you’ve got to market yourself the way you have to. You’re going to have to fight and you have to bleed a little. You marketed your way into this fight. I retired people and made them move classes. I ran out of asses to kick. I beat Khabib even before fighting him. It’s called mental warfare. You’ve got attitude problems. You’re just like that dude who’s never really cut it on the team.”

Ferguson on if he respects Lee: “I respect you. Absolutely. You’re an athlete. I’m not bringing any animosity to this. You’re already at a loss. You’re trying to mean mug me, stare me down. I’m just going to school you. You can have all that shiny stuff. It’s all fake.”

Lee on if he respects Ferguson: “There’s always been respect for Tony. I said it from the beginning. I feel like Tony’s been the number-one contender for a while. He’s the toughest fight. I like the big challenges. As a man, he’s a weirdo. I never interacted with him. His style is great. He can fight, but that’s about it. He’s going to be disappointed on Saturday night.”

Lee on Ferguson’s conditioning: “I hope you can stay in there. I hope you can take the power and speed. You’re the one that has all the technical problems.”

Ferguson on his conditioning: “I’m battle tested. You’ve seen all my wars. You haven’t bled in battle. You’re fighting nobodies. I’m fighting guys like Barbosa, Rafael Dos Anjos. Are you off the juice? I made sure I was training for someone 10 times you. You have no idea what kind of person you’re dealing with. I’m going to TF you – technical fault you. That’s a Tony Ferguson finish.”

Lee on McGregor fighting Diaz next: “After I beat Tony, then Conor has to prove he’s ready to fight me. This is for the real championship. If Conor wants to fight Nate, that’s fine. If he can sleep at night with that medal after only beating one guy in the division, that’s cool.”