Tyron Woodley knows he puts himself at risk of being called out by working the FOX Sports desk for UFC cards.

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Over the weekend at UFC Fight Night 129, Kamaru Usman scored a decision victory vs. Demian Maia to position himself as a future contender to Woodley’s welterweight title.

With the opportunity to call out the champion, Usman did, saying “Champ, you know my social media hasn’t changed. Welterweight, and I’m coming for that strap. With that performance, even with handicaps, no one can deny that I’m definitely Top-5 now.”

Usman stated that he believed he broke both his left and right hands during the five-round, 25-minute battle with Maia. Last year, Woodley bested Maia via decision to retain his title.

“Kamaru, congratulations,” Woodley said. “Never want to take the credit (away) as Demian Maia’s a tough opponent. Me, as the champion, I’m always welcome to any challenge. I’ll be on the other side of the Octagon.”

Woodley, though, was able to get a review of Usman’s work, to which he added “I did see a couple things if you do against me, you might end up waking up with smelling salts. But hat’s off to you, great job.”

For now, Woodley is likely to meet the winner of Rafael dos Anjos vs. Colby Covington. Those two square off at UFC 225 next month for the interim belt.