Former UFC champions Tito Oritz and Chuck Liddell both have significant roles in the film “Silencer,” which stars Danny Trejo and Johnny Messner.

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Ortiz plays Timothy, a former army cohort of Messner’s, a retired hitman himself. Liddell is an associate of Trejo’s character.

The two rivals are expected to square off later this year.

Below is a brief synopsis of the film:

From director Timothy Woodward Jr (Gangster Land, Hickok), the film follows a retired hitman (Messner) who must resurrect all of his deadly skills and fight a one-man war against his former employer, Cartel Kingpin (Trejo), and his associate ‘Nels’ (Liddell) who has kidnapped his step-daughter. With the help of his former army cohort (Tito Ortiz), Frank blazes a vengeful, bloody trail across the Mexican border to get her back.