Welterweight champion Keith Thurman remains on the sidelines recovering from elbow surgery.

Thurman became the unified 147-pound champion with a win over Danny Garcia earlier this year. He underwent surgery shortly after that win in New York.

“I had loose bodies in the elbow, similar to what baseball pitchers have. They had to go in and take out the loose bodies and calcium deposits,” Thurman said. “It was getting in the way of the hinging of the elbow and when I threw a punch. It was causing pain and inflammation. I noticed it before the Danny Garcia fight. There was no way to get rid of it without the surgery. I’m healing and getting the function back so that I can be pain free.”

Errol Spencer Jr. and Kell Brook will meet later this month for a belt and Thurman will be watching.

“I’ll be tuning in and looking forward to the belt coming back to America and looking forward to seeing what Kell Brook has to offer at 147 pounds,” he said. “I want to see if he wants to make his stand at 147. I like the idea of Spence showing everybody he’s the ‘Truth’ and Kell trying to show everybody how ‘Special’ he is.”