Stipe Miocic has no issue with fighting Jon Jones, Cain Velasquez or Anthony Joshua.

The reigning UFC heavyweight champion was a guest on “Submission Radio” recently to discuss his future, asking for a new contract and boxing Joshua:

Latest update on Stipe being back in the octagon

“Oh, we’ll see. You know, we’ll see what they have for me. Nothing’s come up, so we’re going to see what the UFC wants to do. So, I’m just gonna enjoy this summer and keep training and getting better.”

If Stipe feels like he’s getting the full credit for what he’s accomplished

“Honestly, I don’t care. I mean, I’m just happy I’m winning, I’m healthy, you know, gonna have a good life for me and my wife and our family and that’s all I care about. I don’t worry about what everyone thinks or the credit I get, I’m just gonna going out there and keep doing what I do. I like winning and I like being called champ.”

Where Stipe is in terms of his relationship with the UFC

“That’s on their… the ball’s in their court, so well see. You’ll find out when I find out.”

If Stipe has had a chance to negotiate with the UFC

“Yeah, they have, they’ve been talking, so we’ll see what happens from there. We’ll see what they say.”

If the discussions are looking promising

“Nah, I mean, just about the same. It’s pretty stagnant. I think it’s cause of the whole McGregor-Mayweather fight, so not really much has gone on.”

If Stipe feels pressure from the UFC to be more outspoken in order to sell his fights

“No. I mean, it’s whatever they want. If that’s what they want, I’m not gonna do it. It’s not the person that I am. I’m gonna go out there and show up and fight and put on a good fight for the fans. That’s what they wanna see. I’m not gonna sit there and not put on a good fight. I train my ass off to become the champ and I’m not giving this belt up. I worked way too hard to give it up. So it’s like more entertainment now than it is an actual sport.”

Thoughts on Jon Jones issuing a challenge to Brock Lesnar

“Well that’s what he wanted to do, you know (laughs). I can’t make his decisions for him (laughs)”

If Stipe wishes he got called out by Jones

“Nah, I really don’t care, honestly. I mean, he can do what he wants. Hell, he’s a great fighter. I mean, he has a reason why he wants to do it and it is what it is.”

If he believes Jones picked Brock because he himself is a tougher fight for Jon

“Yeah, maybe. You know, I can’t make decisions for him. It’s how he felt so it’s what he said, you know, it’s what happened. I mean, like I said, I make my decisions and I don’t listen to anyone else and he made his decision.”

On Jones saying him fighting Stipe wouldn’t be a super fight

“I mean, I think it would be. But listen, at the end of the day I don’t really care. Whoever the UFC wants me to fight, I’m gonna fight. I don’t pick and choose who I fight. I mean, listen, of course I’d like a bigger payday just like anyone else, but I’m not gonna sit there and worry about what so-and-so said about me or doesn’t want to fight me or doesn’t think I’m relevant or not. I couldn’t give two shits about it.”

If Lesnar pops up on Stipe’s radar and excites him for a fight given that fighting Lesnar would likely get him the extra money he’s after

“No. Honestly, it doesn’t really bother me. I mean, I love what I do. Like I said, I’m gonna keep repeating myself like a broken record, but no one really excites me. Whoever they put in front of me, that’s who I got and that’s who I’m excited about, that’s who I want to fight that’s who I wanna punch in the face.”

Why he chose to call out Anthony Joshua for a boxing match

“Well, it’s not really calling him out, I just said, “hey, why don’t you put the best heavyweight in the world in boxing against MMA?,” that would be great and it’s a great fight and like you said, the money fight, that too. But also, I think it’d just be great. I’ve boxed before, I know how to box, I do a lot of boxing and it’s going to be an amazing challenge for me and I think I’d do well. I know I’d do well.”

“I’ve always thought about it, I just didn’t know how to go about it. But hopefully they’ll (UFC) look at as well and it gives us an opportunity.”

If Joshua’s people have responded to Stipe’s recent tweet

“No, nah”

If Stipe is disappointed at not getting a response

“Nah, it’s alright. Listen, I’m used to it. Another day in the life of Stipe.”

How a boxing fight would play out with Joshua

“I think it would go well. You know, I think if I use my speed and I have great cardio I think I’d just move on him and my angles would just make him in trouble, frustrate him.”

When Stipe will fight next

“I’ll probably fight again this year by the end of the year.”