Rory MacDonald didn’t hold back during a Reddit AMA today, answering tons of fan questions including whether he thought Robbie Lawler was on steroids when they thought.

The two engaged in a vicious and bloody war back in 2015 which Lawler won via TKO in the fifth round. When a Redditor asked “Do you think Robbie Lawler was on peds when you fought?” MacDonald responded “IM CONVINCED HE WAS.”

Don’t take the full caps as extra indictment, Rory for some reason answered the entire AMA with the caps lock on. From the worst walkout song picked for him by some prankster (“MC HAMMER CANT TOUCH THIS WAS THE WORST”) to his feelings on BitCoin (“SEEMS TO ME LIKE BLOCKCHAIN TECH IS GOING TO PLAY A BIG PART OF THE FUTURE”), it’s all endlessly uppercase.

Another thing he was very consistent in was his dislike for steroids and performance enhancing drugs. When asked what he thought of Jon Jones testing positive, Rory responded “SHAMEFUL, LIKE EVERY OTHER GUY THAT DOES THIS CRAP AND HIDES IT, YET GLOATS DURING VICTORY.”

When asked what percentage of people he thought were on PEDs, he said “NO CLUE, ITS A TRUE SHAME TO SEE GROWN ASS MEN AND WOMAN DOING THAT THO.”

For all that hating on the juice, MacDonald’s probably going to be competing against a lot more steroid users in Bellator, which doesn’t have random USADA testing in place. As for the MacDonald vs. Lawler fight, it took place a mere 10 days after USADA testing came online, and neither fighter was randomly drug tested leading up to the bout.

Since then, Lawler has gone 2-1 and has been tested by USADA 19 times.