Ovince Saint Preux was a guest recently on “Submission Radio,” where the UFC light heavyweight asked for answers.

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Check out highlights of the interview below:

What it felt like beating Shogun and finishing him so brutally after being such a long-time PRIDE fan

“To be honest, I was starstruck. You know, I got the fight on eight days notice and I’m like, I’m fighting who? They got my fighting who?” I’m like, “shit”. And I mean, for the first 24 hours, I was like thinking to myself, “man, the heck is going on here,” and then after that the next day I woke up and I was like, “this is a beautiful day, I’m fighting Shogun in eight days”. And when that happened I just went out there myself, and obviously I don’t think he knew what I was capable of and I think this time around he kind of knows what I’m capable of, and I went out there and I did my job and I think I’m the only person ever to finish him off in the first round. So yeah, I feel good, and that time I felt good. And especially this time. This time I don’t feel good at all, this time I feel great.”

How OSP sees this rematch playing out

“Well, the thing about it is, I tell people like this, everybody’s got a puncher’s chance of doing anything. And Shogun likes finishing people. You give Shogun a reason to get in a slugfest, he’s gonna stay in there and he loves to do that. And me as a fighter, I also gotta be technical. I’m not a brawler, I was never a brawler, I pick and choose my shot. And at the end of the day, if the fight goes – shit, I beat him in 34 seconds, if the fight goes 34 seconds it goes 34 seconds, if it goes all five rounds, I gotta be prepared for five rounds. The thing about going five rounds is, regardless, somebody’s gonna catch somebody at one point in time, and if this thing goes all five rounds I know I’ll have a couple of good shots and I think my shots are more devastating than his.”

How OSP came back mentally from losing three fights in a row

“Just mentally just… I tell people at times, it doesn’t matter what you do within any realm of sport, whether it’s mixed martial arts, boxing, football, basketball, etc. You can have all the physical attributes that you have and everything can be clicking on all cylinders, but if you’re not mentally there you’re broken before you even go in the fight. And the biggest thing about me was I did a lot of mental training, especially for this last fight against de Lima. Pretty much my whole entire camp consists of mentally training, and that’s a big thing within the sport. And it’s just like someone like Conor (McGregor) who always talks about mental skills training, and I think a lot of fighters don’t work on that a lot because like I said, mentally, if you go into the fight mentally jacked up and your head is not totally focused on the fight, you’ll see the results at the end.”

Being a past opponent of his, what OSP’s reaction was to Jon Jones failing a drug test at UFC 214

“(laughs) Damn. I was training and one of my training partners, he was leaving and it came up on a website and he showed me and I was like, you gotta be kidding me. And I was like, well, they gotta get sample B tested and we’ll see what sample B says. I don’t know if sample B came out yet, but you really don’t know what to say. I mean, if sample B comes out and it was still positive, I mean, people say, “throw him to the gas chamber,”. Like, regardless, If sample B comes out and it’s positive, more than likely he’ll be suspended anywhere from two to three years minimum. But if it’s not (positive), it’s just one of them things where it’s almost like you get arrested and you go to court. Even if you get your record expunged and what not, and let’s say you were wrongly fully accused and you get that expunged, people can still pull that up online and be like, “oh, you got arrested and so and so”. Same thing for the drug test. Even if comes back negative it’s still gonna put a light bulb in people’s heads or what not, “Oh, they said he was on something back in 2017,” and people never really let go of things like that. So it’s gonna be hard either way. It’s gonna be harder if it’s positive, but it’s still gonna be hard if it’s negative too, just because people always gonna have mixed feelings about certain situations.”

If it made OSP think about whether Jones was using any PEDs when they fought

“I mean, of course. I mean, I did an article a while back saying, I just wanted him to tell the truth. But at the end of the day, with me, I just wanted to know. But at the end of the day, what can I do about it? It’s a situation where I’ve learned, especially like my fight when I fought Volkan. You know, I walked in the locker room and I caught myself screaming, and I was like, why am I mad for? I mean, I did everything I did, I poured my heart out in the fight, you know, I trained hard, I felt like I won the fight, like I said, I outlanded him by over 50 punches. But at the end of the day, after that I looked at my trainer, I was like, “I’m back in the gym Monday, we need to find a fight, it’s on to the next one”. By then, my mindset was already onto the next one. And at the end of the day, when anything happens, everything comes out to light eventually. You can’t hold onto the same thing over and over again, everything always comes out to light.”

If it would be a sense of closure for OSP to find out if Jon was clean or not during their fight

“Maybe, maybe not. Cause at the end of the day it’s like, can I dwell on it? Yeah. But if I was dwelling on it, I’m holding onto the past and there’s no reason for me to do that. So my mindset is always going to be to be like, I’m here in the present, concentrate on present. Cause whatever is gonna put me in the present, however I perceive myself right now, then the future’s gonna be that much better. I can’t perceive myself the way I did in the past and what not, especially me getting down on myself. And that’s another form of mental skills training where that comes in the head. I gotta end up elevating my mind a lot more.”

If OSP would be concerned about potentially rematching Jon Jones in the future

“Not necessarily, because at the end of the day, as much scrutiny as he’s been under, especially these past two years and what not, I would say he’s walking a tight rope. And even if the results come back negative, I mean, he’s still gonna have that bubble of people that’s gonna be like, “we still don’t like you,” or, “we still think you’re this bad guy”. But at the end of the day, even if it comes back negative, you know how much scrutiny he’s gonna be or how many eyes are gonna be on him? Do you know how much times USADA might pop up at his house? It’s one of those things where, okay, it came positive – if something comes back positive and they do sample B and it comes back negative, they’re gonna actually keep more eyes on you just for the simple fact that it’s one of those things where, “we need to figure out how this happened, because this was just positive, now it’s negative. Something went wrong there”. So they’re gonna dial in him a lot more anyway. But if it comes back positive, I mean shoot, he’s gone for the next two to three years.”

What a win over Shogun would do for OSP and his title hopes

“A win would definitely put me in the strong shoot. (I’d) go from a three-fight losing streak to end up going to a two-fight winning streak. And Shogun, the last person he lost to was me and for him to fight me again and lose again, you know, it will put me in the stronger suit. Definitely with at least, I would need at least two more fights to end up being a number one contender. And to be honest, I’m prepared for that, I’m beyond prepared for that. My body, I’ve been pushing my body through the mats. My body, I’m just recognising now I’m pretty much at the tip of the iceberg. I can still push myself just a little bit more, but my body’s doing some amazing things right now. The way I’ve been training so far, I have never been pushed through that before. And a lot of times the mind will break before the body will. To be honest, it’s crazy. The mind is always your friend that’s telling you, “you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it”. And then next thing you know, you will never be able to do it. And the crazy thing about the body is, the body is that retarded friend that thinks it can do everything, which it technically can do everything If you use your body the correct way, it can do unseen amounts of things. It’s ridiculous how my fitness level’s been doing with a good strength and condition coach. And every time someone asks me, “how is it working out with Frankie?” and I’m like, death. It’s just that everlasting, like every time I’m training it’s just like, “okay, you had a hard day yesterday and I’m gonna take it a little easy on you today,” and all I think to myself is “yes”. And by the time I get through done with the workout I’m like, “shit, this is harder than what it was yesterday”. You know, this is the top workout I experience every single day. It’s just grind after grind after grind. And a lot of people think that’s not good for them, but at the end of the day, my body’s built for this and I’ve been athlete all my life, I’ve been an athlete since I was in freaking 8th grade. In high school, all I did was football, track and wrestling. That’s all I did. And I played football in a D-1 program and the things I can do to my body, like, my body is built for this type of punishment and this is the only way I’m gonna get better. And I tell people that a lot of times you’re just like, my body is a weapon. But at the same time, as much as I’m building my body to actually deliver punishment to another human being, the same human being that I’m delivering punishment to, I gotta make sure my body can abuse punishment too. So I think everything for me is clicking in every single avenue and the mindset and body is just unbelievable. And one of the things where I tell people, you eat clean, you train better, you train longer. You know, the way my body’s been feeling, the way my overall just training been going. Like mentally, I just feel like I can’t be touched right now. I don’t usually talk shit, but I’m talking shit all the time in the gym. I’m like running, I’m doing shit on my own that like I would ever do. Like, I would never get up in the morning and just go running by myself. I would never do that. I have to literally psych myself to do that. Now, I just do it. Okay, shoot, let’s go for a run. And four miles later I’m like, “okay, cool. I’m good”. So, it’s unbelievable. And I think a lot of it has to do with my trainer Eric Turner who mentally exhausts me. People don’t’ realise it, mental skills training is worse than actually like doing physically training, cause mentally training itself will wear you down completely. And I’ve done that and my body feels good, my mind feels strong and sharp. And the thing about it is, it’s crazy, I would rather fight somebody with the best talent in the world. But if I fight somebody that don’t think they can ever be beat, they’d probably be the worst person in the world to fight. Cause at one point and time if somebody can think they can be beat, but at this point and time right now in my career, I don’t think I can be beat. You can throw a freaking gorilla out in front of me and I’m just gonna sit there and laugh.”