Mike Winkeljohn, one of the co-owners of Jackson-Wink MMA in New Mexico, was a guest on “Submission Radio” recently to discuss a number of subjects.

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Among them were comments made about Jon Jones, a member of the team, being a “snitch” in his USADA case, thus the reason he was given a reduced suspension.

Check out what Winkeljohn had to say about Jones, Holly Holm and more below:

On when Holly Holm will return

“I want Holly back. She’s just had knee surgery. She’s been out taking care of a lot of issues outside the cage. They had been haunting her ever since she had fought Ronda Rousey. But with that being said, her mind’s in the right place and her injury’s healing from her surgery and I want to see her fight for a title. What I want to see is, I really want to see her fight Nunes. Nunes is gonna fight Cyborg, so I hope the UFC is gonna have some sort of interim title, because they don’t know what’s gonna happen with that fight. But I think that’s where Holly’s at. I think that’s where she needs to be, is a title shot.”

Which division Holly would come back to and possibly fight for a title in

“135, yeah. Oh yeah. That’s her true weight, 135. That 145 is just, that’s a big weight. You know, Megan is just a giant. That was one large, tall, long-reached girl and she was very talented.”

On how Waterson trained for this camp to fight at UFC 229 with her opening a new gym of her own

“Oh, I work with her every single day, a couple of times a day. Her gym is just basically, she has like a little place in her backyard. I’m not sure what everybody’s talking about ‘new gym’. Cause she has a daughter, so after she picks up her kid from school she likes to stay home with her daughter and her husband. And her husband is one of her coaches. He is a professional boxer and they work a little bit in her backyard. So that’s her gym everybody’s talking about. But she’s in the gym with us every single day. She came to two of my classes today and worked a private today. So, every day we’ve been working and she’s well prepared for this fight. She’s looking very good actually.”

Thoughts on Jon Jones’ USADA deal

“Well, I think they should have made a deal a long time ago. When you actually look deep, you forget about all the things that people said and you actually look at the ruling the UFC had and what their words were that they used and when they say the amount of the substance was so small that there was absolutely no way that that could have been used as performance enhancer. When you actually have a look at the words that they said, I’m actually surprised he had as long as a suspension as he had. But people just have a tendency just to go, ‘oh, he just did steroids,’ and they did jump on it. And before that it was a Cialis and they think ‘that’s steroids’. So, I have to defend Jon on that. There’s no doubt something got in there somehow, but it’s scary now. Jon’s even scared to eat out, he’s scared to be anywhere. He’s like, gosh, what if that waiter doesn’t like me, the bus boy doesn’t like me? You know? Who knows what’s going to happen out there. And it is kind of scary that way if you think about it.”

“When I read the words that they said how there was absolutely no way that it could’ve have been used as a performance enhancement type situation, I thought, well why is he even suspended? It doesn’t even make sense to me.”

If there’s any chance Jon Jones could main event UFC 230

“I would’t put money on him being there for the Madison Square Garden card. You know what, Jon is so smart that he wants to come back and do it right. He’s not in any rush to jump in there and do it ill prepared. He wants to make sure he trains for the opponent once he finds out what that opponent is and do his homework. That’s what people don’t understand about Jon Jones, is he does his homework. Hours and hours and hours of studying tape, and hours and hours hitting these unpredictable things that he uses in the fight. But they’re really predictable for him because he’s put so much time into practicing. Jon is a student and a master of the game at reading his opponent. He knows what his opponent’s gonna do before they do it because he studies them. So, I would think Jon would want to find out who that is and have a good training camp for it.”

On Jon Jones giving information on other fighters to reduce his sentence

“Well, I think it will play out. I don’t believe he turned in any of his fighters. Same thing that his manager said. If he gave information he’d probably give information on himself. So, if you hate Jon Jones, doesn’t matter what I tell you, you’re gonna continue hating Jon Jones. If you like Jon Jones, you’re gonna like Jon Jones. That’s what I noticed about the social media world how people are. It’s basically, there’s a bunch of idiots out there that can’t think for themselves and just jump on bandwagons and believe what others say. And they’re not willing to dig in and look for the real information. People have a tendency (to be like) ‘I saw it somewhere on the internet so it must be true’.”

“I can definitely believe Jon Jones did not snitch on anybody on our team or anybody else. That’s just not in Jon’s character. I don’t know where that even came from and I haven’t talked to Jon but I do not believe that.”

On Dana White saying the Jackson/Wink team is in turmoil during a UFC media scrum

“Oh, our team is not in turmoil. Jon is as tight with the team as he ever has been. Everybody on the team is there every single day. We’ve had one individual that’s not there, but guess what, he was never there before in the past. So again, everybody believes social media, and apparently Dana White believes social media. That’s all I can say about that. But we’ll get Jon Jones in shape and he’ll be ready for when Dana decides who he’s gonna fight and when it’s gonna be.”