Mike Perry will take on Donald Cerrone this November at UFC Fight Night 139 in a key bout in the welterweight division.

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Perry snapped his two-fight losing streak in July with a split decision over Paul Felder, improving to 12-3. He’s won five of eight fights inside the Octagon, but his fight with Cerrone will be the biggest to date.

The two previously spent time together, including some shooting and boating. Now, though, it is all about business, as he told Submission Radio recently.

“Shit, I mean, there was a couple, man. He took me shooting guns, we went out on his boat and he took me surfing on his boat. That was really cool. Really nice of the guy,” Perry said. “And he’s like, wow, look at this asshole who’s gonna come fight me now and try and take everything I work for. But he’s had all of this and all this money, all this time, and we in the fight business. So, I’m trying to get a damn boat too. So, you got that money, you got the notoriety. I gotta get it, I gotta come take it so I get me a boat, so I go surfing when I want.

“Shit, let’s get this money. Let’s go. The guy was kind to me, but the UFC does what they want. They want to set up a fight, and I figured, shit, a year or two from now somebody from Jackson/Wink is probably going to be trying to fight me. So, it is what it is. We fight. The question is, do you want to get this money or not? Yeah, I need this money, so we fight. I fought his ass for free, I might as well fight his ass for a hundred grand.”

Perry is hoping to add to his finish total that includes knockouts of Alex Reyes and Jake Ellenberger.

“I mean, I hope it’s as crazy if not crazier than the Felder fight,” Perry said. “I hope I can get the finish though. I’m looking for the finish always. I’m gonna try to put my hands on his face and KO him. I’m not looking for a submission. If he gives up his neck I’m gonna try to reach for it and I’ll try and grab it, but I’m looking to hit him in the face and knock him unconscious in between one to three rounds. I don’t care when, just get the job done.”