Mike Jackson knows he doesn’t have the best resume in all of MMA.

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However, he feels that the lack of respect shown by CM Punk is something Jackson will use inside the Octagon when they square off at UFC 225 on June 9.

“I’m not going in there to submit him,” Jackson said on The MMA Hour (thanks to MMA Fighting for transcribing). “I’m not going in there to choke him out. I have no animosity or ill will towards Phil. For me, again, he called me a can. It wasn’t like it was someone of stature calling me a can, I can laugh it off, OK whatever.

“Again, he has never been in a fight. He has never been in a fight before the Gall fight, an actual unscripted fight. For someone like that to call me a can, I take that as disrespect. That’s like me deciding one day I want to be a wrestler and I walk into Vince McMahon’s office and I’m like, ‘Alright, I want to go wrestle Brock Lesnar for the belt and I want you to put me over.’ I wouldn’t do that. I would have to pay my dues and work my way up.”

Jackson, who freelances as a photographer and videographer for MMA promotions, dropped his MMA debut to Mickey Gall via submission – just like Punk did. Jackson, though, is 4-0 as a boxker and kickboxer, with Punk’s resume including a standout run in pro wrestling with the WWE.

“As far as lasting longer, I mean look at his face and look at my face,” Jackson said. “He’s the one who took more damage. So I mean, that’s inconsequential. It’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. But for me, I know I’m a better fighter, I’m gonna bring the bigger toolbox and he’s going night-night.”