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In what can only been seen as another nakedly obvious attempt to make the odds for this ridiculous McGregor fight even closer than they are, Mayweather stated that he is partying all through fight week until next Monday.

Come hang out with me tonight at “GIRL COLLECTION” and ask me anything you want, live & in person! Starting tonight Thursday August 17th all the way through Monday Aug. 28th I’ll be at the one and only “GIRL COLLECTION” meeting & greeting my fans!

“That’s right… I’m partying the entire week before my fight all the way through to next Monday following my fight ONLY AT “GIRL COLLECTION!!!! Bring you friends & meet me there! #FightWeek – @FloydMayweather


Francis NGannou is angry. I would not want to be someone Francis NGannou is angry at. Suffering through the rigors, privations, and hard knocks of a training camp makes you mean for a fight. Right when he was peaking out the intensity, he found out his opponent, former heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos, has been pulled from the bout due to a USADA violation. I would be angry too.

If you want your rap video featured in Midnight Mania, hit me up on Twitter. I actually enjoyed this for some reason.

I could probably use one of these

This egregious matchup shouldn’t be sanctioned, and those around Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva should convince him to find another career. He’s taken way too much damage late in his career.

Slips, Rips, and Knockout Clips

It’s Friday, so there are a lot of knockouts today. Enjoy them!

This is a crazy-ass kick. Not sure I’ve ever seen that one land before.

No, that’s not quite the Silva-Fryklund elbow. More like a Matt Brown elbow. Still pretty cool though

Nothing like a little rain in the cage

Roy Jones Jr. in his prime was fighter unique in his skill set and approach to boxing

You have to love old school heavyweights

Ramon Dekkers was a brutality machine in the ring

I believe in body punches

This was a surprising upset for ONE

Nguyen had to escape from several bad positions to land the above knockout

Another angle

Nice right hand

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Flyin Brian J brings in boxing and MMA analyst Connor Ruebusch to break down Mayweather-McGregor. I may have even contributed a question or two.

MMA Ratings Podcast

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