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According to the Telegraph, Mayweather will be making over 20 million British pounds, or over 25 million dollars, for his fight with McGregor. Here is the breakdown of that sponsorship money:

Getting yourself a sponsorship spot on Mayweather’s butt will cost you three million. Featured on his walkout cap? A cool $500,000 dollars. The article also threw out a few other impressive statistics:

Mayweather’s reach as the undisputed pay per view fight king is undeniable, the defensive genius having generated approximately 19.5 million pay per view buys for his fights which have grossed $41.3 billion in revenue over the course of his career.

The key to Mayweather’s insane earnings was becoming his own promoter; in mixed martial arts, the world’s most dominant promoter, the UFC, takes the lion’s share of the earnings, most estimates putting their cut at over 80% of gross revenue. That leaves precious little for the fighters, which is why McGregor holds the record for highest UFC purse at only 3 million disclosed dollars (plus an undisclosed cut of pay-per-view revenue). Mayweather laughed at an offer for 25 million in base pay from Dana White when White was first talking about making Mayweather-McGregor.

This is the reason McGregor is so focused on bringing his own company, McGregor Promotions, to fruition. By changing the rules for how his fights are promoted, McGregor can continue his trend of breaking into a completely different earnings bracket, one he will kick off with an estimated $100 million dollars for this Mayweather bout.


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