If there’s one thing about Michael Bisping, it’s that “The Count” can talk a great game.

The reigning UFC middleweight champion defends his belt this Saturday night at UFC 217 vs. Georges St-Pierre.

But when he was asked on “UFC Tonight” Wednesday about what’s next, Bisping didn’t back down.

“I’m going to beat Georges so bad we won’t see him again,” he said. “Then, I’ll go down to Australia and whoop Robert Whittaker’s ass, who’s walking around with a fake belt.”

Bisping also discussed the importance of having Jason Parillo in his corner.

“It’s a great advantage. Jason wants to make sure once in his career he beats Georges,” he said. “I’m ready. I’ve been knocking out sparing partners in the gym. Here’s the thing. GSP is going to try to take me down and cuddle me to death. And we all know I’m not a good cuddle.”