Urijah Faber recently revealed he could be lured out of retirement to face his former protege and training partner, T.J. Dillashaw, after “Viper” knocked out Cody Garbrandt at UFC 217 a few weeks ago.

Now, Dillashaw’s head trainer, Duane Ludwig, is chiming in on the possibility of the bout, saying he too, isn’t opposed to the matchup since it will be an easy win and a big payday for his prized pupil.

“Yeah. I’m not trying to be disrespectful or an asshole, but that would be a pretty easy fight for T.J.,” said Ludwig on a recent edition of The MMA Hour.

“I would like to see it. That’s a good payday, money fight for T.J., lets make it happen. Anything can happen, but I used to coach both of them and I used to watch them spar.”

Once the head trainer at Team Alpha Male, Ludwig saw up close what Faber has to offer, and says while his style used to get him wins, the sport has evolved while “The California Kid” is stuck in his ways and refusing to change with the times.

“Dillashaw has improved (every fight) and Faber does not improve. He had a very hard time picking up my system. He is just set in his ways and that’s good because he has been successful, but the sport has evolved and he hasn’t,” he added.

“So in my eyes it would be a pretty easy fight for T.J. and I would like to see it as they both would make some money off it again. It would be good for the sport. I’m not looking forward to dealing with drama, they seem to like drama. If it does happen. let it be a regular fight where we train, do interviews, and fight.”

As far as the chances of it actually going down, Duane seems to think it will, as the new owners over at WME | IMG appear to be leaning toward entertaining fights at this point, as opposed to No. 1 contenders fighting each other.

Prime example here.

But, before that fight even gets considered, Team Dillashaw is hoping to secure a Flyweight title fight against current division champion Demetrious Johnson. It’s a fight Ludwig says T.J. will win — though it won’t be easy — before going back up to Bantamweight to defend his strap.

And if Faber happens to be there, well the rest of his dreams can get smashed as well, according to Ludwig.