Kenny Florian is a friend and frequent training partner of Georges St-Pierre’s in Canada at Tristar Gym.

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Florian, appearing on a recent edition of Submission Radio, disclosed that the coaches for the former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion were “surprised and unaware” of any plans for GSP to face Nate Diaz later this summer.

“It’s interesting. I don’t have the latest on Georges and how he’s feeling. My understanding is that he’s been training again and my other understanding is that he really wants a big fight. Nate Diaz has confirmed himself as a big fight now. I think he’s a big superstar and he’s an excellent fighter, he’s been fighting a very long time. I don’t know if Georges is going to find that so interesting. I think he would probably want a rematch against Nick over Nate and possibly fight someone like a Tyron Woodley, but I don’t know. I think at this point in his career, Georges is looking for big challenges, new challenges. The fact that he might be going down to 155 pounds sounds pretty interesting, it sounds like it is a new challenge. I haven’t confirmed that with anyone in their camp. When I did bring it up to one of the coaches in that camp they seemed to be surprised and unaware about that news. But again, who knows?

“The Nate Diaz fight, they (GSP’s coaches) weren’t really aware of it. And again, maybe they’re out of the loop, but my understanding is that they were taken by surprise and they didn’t really know that that was the fight that Georges was targeting or even wanted.”

St-Pierre vacated the middleweight title late last year after besting Michael Bisping in his return to competition. Diaz, meanwhile, hasn’t fought since a 2016 loss to Conor McGregor.

As someone who now breaks fights down for a living, Florian sees the rumored GSP-Diaz fight going a certain way.

“Listen, I think that Nate is a very good fighter. I think that both of those fighters would probably be more suited to fight at 170 pounds. Georges St. Pierre, that would be the first time that we’ve seen him at 155 pounds in his career, period, I believe. We know for sure that he hasn’t fought at 155 pounds in the UFC, but my understanding is he’s always been 170-pounder and I don’t know how he would perform at that weight. I also think Nate Diaz, his best weight class is probably 170 pounds in a lot of ways. I think he’s got more energy there, he’s huge for a lightweight. For him to cut down to lightweight he really has to really do a lot. He’s like 6’1”, you know, walks in the off season probably 190 pounds. And he’s a guy that eats healthy all the time, so it’s not like it’s easy for him to get down to 155. If they do fight, I would think that it would probably be at 170 pounds. But who knows. Or maybe a catch weight somewhere in between.”