Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and current titleholder Daniel Cormier have no love between them.

The two will square off for a second time Saturday night at UFC 214, but the fireworks started earlier this week during a conference call with reporters.

Cormier appeared to strike a nerve with “Bones” when he made comments about his past failed drug tests.

“I expect him to be as good as he’s ever been (at UFC 214),” Cormier said (thanks to MMA Fighting for the quotes). “A lot of people talk about the Ovince Saint Preux fight as if it was some horrible fight, but as I’ve watched it in my preparation, it wasn’t as bad of a fight as people try to make it out to be. “He should be proud of the way he performed on that night, because that was the best of his ability. He fought as well as he possibly could against Ovince Saint Preux, so it wasn’t a bad fight, he did his job. So I expect him to be as good as he was against Ovince Saint Preux, because that’s as good as he can be. That’s who he is. That’s his best version of himself.”

Jones admitted to using a banned substance and served his suspension, which was reduced.

“This whole thing that we’re going through, it has become an attack on my character,” Jones said. “That’s all this thing is, is an attack on my character. When people ask Daniel what he thinks about me inside the Octagon, he has (expletive) to say about me.

“I think deep down this (expletive) knows that I wouldn’t do steroids. Being the youngest champion (in the UFC), you mean to tell me I’m smart enough to out-smart (expletive) USADA and (expletive) the Nevada Athletic Commission for 10 years? But I failed a cocaine test? I’m a mastermind steroid user that beat all these guys for 10 years.”