So, is Georges St-Pierre retired or not?

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During an interview with TSN recently, UFC president Dana White claimed that the former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion is finished. However, White’s manager, Rodolphe Beaulieu, feels differently.

“We’ve been talking about a fight with ‘GSP,’ but ‘GSP’ is retired,” White said (thanks to MMAjunkie for the quotes). “As far as I’m concerned, ‘GSP’ is retired right now. He’s not interested in fighting anybody.

“We were trying to do a fight with him and Nate Diaz in Los Angeles, and ‘GSP’ doesn’t want the fight. ‘GSP’ doesn’t want to fight right now. He’s not interested in fighting.”

St-Pierre, 37 years old, ended his four-year retirement last year with a victory over Michael Bisping for the middleweight title. Shortly after, though, he vacated the title.

“He was on Ariel (Helwani’s) show a few weeks ago and on Joe Rogan’s podcast a couple weeks ago and during a three-hour interview he never said he was retired,” Beaulieu said. “He mentioned on both what would interest him. On both interviews he said exactly why he had no interest for the Diaz fight. He explained all his reasoning.”