Athletes, especially fighters, have a hard time sticking to retirement.

Floyd Mayweather knows that.

Mayweather retired after defeating Andre Berto to improve to 49-0. Now, though, he promises this coming Saturday vs. Conor McGregor will indeed be it for “Money.”

“This is my last one, ladies and gentlemen. I gave my word to Al Haymon, I gave my word to my children, and one thing I don’t want to do is break that. I’m going to stick to my word. This will be my last fight,” he said during a recent conference call. “I thought that Andre Berto was going to be the last weigh-in, I thought that was going to be the last training camp, I mean just honestly speaking I thought that was going to be my last everything. You just don’t ever know what can happen. We’re here with this big event.”

While many might laugh that off, Mayweather added that he already has plans in place to take up his “free time.”

“My real estate portfolio is truly amazing. The real estate, that’s very, very huge. That’s a huge part of my life. My children are going to college so that’s going to take up a lot of my time because education is extremely important in my home,” he said. ” I want my kids to do something that I wasn’t able to do. I want them to be able to go college, and then the businesses that I leave for them, I want them to be able to take those businesses and take them to the next level. If I took a business and made 100 million, I want them to take it to the next level to make 400 or 500 million. So it’s all about giving back. I’ve built different businesses and got businesses started so my children’s children can takeover someday.”