Remember when Lincoln Hawk bet the house that he’d beat Bull Hurley at the National Arm Wrestling Championship in Las Vegas?

Don’t expect that sort of confidence from Floyd Mayweather.

While the undefeated pugilist is confident he’ll defeat UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor when they collide this Saturday night (Aug. 26, 2017) in “Sin City,” he’s not reckless enough to put his “Money” at stake.

“He’s never bet on himself,” a source with direct knowledge of Mayweather’s betting history told ESPN. “He’s very superstitious and that’s the one thing he doesn’t bet on, his own fights, ever. His friends and crew bet small on him, but he has never done it.”

Mayweather tried to employ a similar tactic against McGregor back in June (see it), shortly after it was announced that “Notorious” would put his lightweight title on hold to make a gazillion dollars on Showtime pay-per-view (PPV).

Mayweather and McGregor are scheduled to compete for 12 rounds in 8oz gloves at 154 pounds inside T-Mobile Arena with the winner getting nothing more than bragging rights for their particular sport.

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