Wanderlei Silva will not only be making his 185-pound debut at UFC 110 this weekend, but he will also unveil a facial re-construction that would make Heidi Montag jealous.

Following his unanimous decision loss to Rich Franklin at UFC 99 last June, his fifth loss in six tries, Silva went under the knife to improve his fighting situation. The first of two major procedures had doctors shaving down the bone surrounding his eyes to help prevent cutting.

The former PrideFC 205-pound champ also had his nose straightened to aid his breathing, something that should go a long way in assisting him in the later rounds.

“The surgery I make because I broke my nose a lot of times before,” Silva told Sherdog.com. “I reconstruct my nose because before I don’t sleep very well. Now, I sleep better and my recovery’s better. I feel great. My cardio is better now and I’m ready to fight (again).”

Silva takes on Michael Bisping this Saturday in Sydney, Australia.