Donald Cerrone was a guest on “UFC Tonight” recently to discuss his UFC 213 bout with Robbie Lawler.

Cerrone on his fight against Robbie Lawler: “If you’re a fan of fighting, this is a fight that doesn’t have to be sold. It’s going to be so fun.”

Cerrone what a win means over Lawler: “Win or lose, I love it. But a win means I’m right back in the mix.”

Cerrone on who should be headlining UFC 213 if Garbrandt pulls out: “Me and Robbie. But we’re not a title fight, and they have to have a title fight be the headliner.”

Cerrone on his six months off: “I love fighting. I don’t like to sit. My training camps are fun.”

Cerrone on if he would fight at 155 again: “I tried, but Dana said no. If the fight was right and the money was right, I’d go down to 155 for sure.”