Derrick Lewis takes on Mark Hunt Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 110 from New Zealand.

Earlier this week, Lewis appeared on “UFC Tonight” to discuss his main event fight:

Lewis on asking to fight Hunt: “I believe when it’s time for me to renegotiate my contract, it’d be easier to get what I want. So I wanted the hard guys. I picked Mark. I wanted a tough one and I wanted to fight Mark.”

Lewis on if he’d rather fight for the title or fight Francis Ngannou: “Of course the title shot. That’s where you make the money. Then I’ll be wearing the suits like you. Every interviewer asks me about Ngannou.”

Lewis on if Hunt is the hardest test he’s had: “I don’t believe so, but we’ll see Sunday.”

Lewis on if his goal three years ago was to fight for the title: “That wasn’t my main goal. My goal is to make as much money as I can.”