The UFC is headed back to Australia soon and Dan Kelly will meet Elias Theodorou on the card.

Kelly was a recent guest on “Submission Radio” to discuss the fight and how he sees it going:

Why Dan thinks Elias Theodorou called him out

“I don’t know, maybe he thinks it’s an easy fight. That’s what most people think when they call me out. We spent a lot of time together in the house for about seven weeks and yeah, I think he thinks he’s suited to fighting against slow, plodding fighters that he can pick apart and move and use his angles and direction changes to kind of not let me grab hold of him, so I think he thinks it’s a good match-up for him in that regard. It will be nice for me to fight him though, cause he’s beaten a couple of guys who have beaten me and he’s also won the show that I was on, so I was really happy when they offered me the match-up.”

If Elias really does have the best hair in the UFC

“Oh goodness me, he really does take that seriously, doesn’t he? His whole “Mane Event” and his Pert sponsorship and yeah, I think he just tried to find a niche and I don’t think he had anything else so he had to go with hair. Good luck to him, good luck to him (laughs)”

How Dan rates Elias’ fight style and UFC run

“I think he’s very smart tactically and I mean, Tri-Star, where he trains or does quite a bit of his training there, (they are) very good at getting a good strategy together and he’s very good at sticking to it. I don’t know that he’s been – the fights where he’s been put under pressure and his A plan hasn’t worked, he’s struggled to come up with a second plan to overcome his opponent. Oh look, yeah, a fight’s a fight, yeah, the fans need to enjoy it, but he’s very smart and calculating with how he fights and yeah, very annoying, very annoying from the looks of things.”

If Dan believes Elias will look to strike with him and stay away from grappling with him.

“He’ll stay away. He’ll stay away and run around and dance around, exactly the same way he fought Sam Alvey is how he’ll fight me, I think. Yeah, I don’t think he wants to clinch up with me, which is what I’ll be trying to force him to do, but I’ve got some little tricks. I think I’ll be doing lots of spinning kicks, spinning back fists, flying knees. So I’m gonna surprise him with a few new things. I’ve been drinking at the fountain of youth and 40 is the new 30 and I’ll be flying in there. Get ready for a crane kick.”

If Elias will underestimate Dan basing his thoughts on his performance in the TUF Nations House and loss to Sheldon Westcott

“Absolutely. That one and he also beat Sam Alvey who beat me in less than a minute, so I’m sure that he thinks that this is going to be a walk in the park for him. The thing is, he matches up in my opinion, not too bad with me, so I’m not too worried. Obviously, we normally have a reasonably good game plan going in and yeah, I’m really excited for the match-up in that regard and I can put to bed a few demons and I can tick a few boxes if I win this fight.”

If winning this fight will be even sweeter with Elias being the TUF winner for Dan’s season of TUF

“Absolutely, absolutely. It’s a validation thing. I remember when I first got into the UFC it was about showing that I was at that level, that I belong there. I proved that now. But obviously this is about going, “I was the best guy on that show,” and me getting the opportunity to fight him is exactly that, it’s me going, “no, no, I was the best guy. I was. It just wasn’t my day in the house that day,” and I’ve proven now, we’ve both got our own training camps and we both prepared fully and we’re both experienced now, we both have the same amount of fights that I’m the better guy.”


“I reckon I’ll stop him second or third round. He’s never been stopped but I think I can stop him second or third round. Either submission or ground and pound.”