UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has taken issue with the Nevada Athletic Commission previously.

But when it came to the decisions made by the NAC regarding his boxing match Saturday vs. Floyd Mayweather, “Notorious” was pleased.

“I’m very happy with how the Nevada State Athletic Commission handled it,” he said during a recent conference call. “I think they handled it fairly – they listened to both requests and just the overall approach to the decision and the referees, the judges, I think they were very fair throughout.

“So that was a good thing for me to see that they’re taking into consideration both fighters’ requests and I’m very happy with it.”

Both McGregor and Mayweather were on-board with the decision to use 8-ounce gloves instead of the usual 10 for the bout. For McGregor, there are pluses and minuses with the move.

“You’ve got pros and cons on both sides,” he said. “You’ve got both athletes asking for the request. And then you’ve got me also coming up in ounces from what I’m used to. I know some in the media are like oh no, it’s 10, it’s 8, but hey, look what I fight with.

“I fight in 4-ounce gloves, fingerless gloves. The knuckles are barely covered in what I am used to, so it benefits both in certain ways and I’m very happy with it.”