UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt feels he is carrying the torch for Team Alpha Male into UFC 217 this Saturday.

Garbrandt defends his title against former teammate TJ Dillashaw from Madison Square Garden.

He was a guest earlier this week on “UFC Tonight” to discuss the fight:

Garbrandt on representing Team Alpha Male against its old fighter Dillashaw: “It means everything to me. Just like the Dominick Cruz fight and the rivalry with our team. The ball is in my court. I feel comfortable. I need these fights and adversaries to bring out the best in me.”

Garbrandt on what it was like training with Dillashaw: “He brought me supreme confidence when he was champion, to stay focused by training with him.”

Garbrandt on if Dillashaw has improved since they trained: “I’m very excited to get back in there. I’ve been off 11 months. But I was in the lab, working, rebuilding myself. I’m a better fighter and athlete. TJ has gotten better, but he hasn’t made the strides I’ve made.”

Garbrandt on fighting Demetrious Johnson in the future: “I can make 125 pounds this weekend. I told the UFC I wanted to beat T.J. in July, then fight Demetrious here this weekend. That didn’t work out. But after I beat T.J., I’ll go down to 125 and beat Demetrious. He’s a great fighter and a great champion, and the pound-for-pound champ, but I want to go down as a two-weight champion.”