Paul Heyman, the voice of WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar, has issued a statement in regards to talks that the pro wrestling promotion will strip him of his title if he doesn’t appear on Raw Monday night.

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“Are you serious?,” Heyman wrote. “You spring this on my client, the reigning defending undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and me with no notice? No warning? No letter of admonishment? Just an unwarranted ultimatum, so Kurt Angle can look tough in negotiations?

“The obsequious GM of RAW Kurt Angle, who can’t control his own roster, tries to look good with this amateurish negotiating ploy against my client Brock Lesnar? I’m in my Las Vegas office. Very little time for an injunction or a TRO. How can this be?”

Lesnar has been quiet since appearing at UFC 226 and challenging Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight title. He is expected to meet Cormier in 2019 after being cleared by USADA.

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