WBC heavyweight boxing champion Deontay Wilder is now completely focused on his March 3 title defense vs. Luis Ortiz on Showtime from the Barclays Center.

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Recently, Wilder and his girlfriend, Telli Swift, welcomed a baby girl into this world. With that, the 32-year-old unbeaten Wilder (39-0) has his sights set on title unification and 50 victories.

“Once I unify all the titles then line up the mandatories, I’ll easily get to 50-0. I’m not a 12-round fighter, and I don’t get overtime. I’m a knockout artist. So that being said, I don’t take much damage, but I give all the damage,” Wilder said. I put people in the hospitals. I put people in stretchers. When you fight me your head is not the same when you leave. When you fight me you’re really signing a death warrant.

“This is one of the biggest fights of my career and I’m up for the challenge. I’m going to pass with flying colors.”

Wilder has grown inside the boxing ring and also outside of it thanks to his appearance on “WAGS Atlanta” alongside Swift.

“I just think life itself is just mental. I do a lot of visualization. I do a lot of meditation. It strengthens my mind to go through a lot of the situations that I go through. Having a baby and being on a reality show, all of that is fun stuff,” he said. “Some people know how to maintain it and some people don’t. I’m just a guy that multitasks a lot of things. I can do a lot of things. Even when I’m talking to you, my mind can be in so many different places right now and still be able to comprehend and interact with you. So, I think I was meant for a lot of things. Boxing is just not what all I can do. I’m so talented in so many different areas.

“I’m a laid back guy. In my personal life I’m just a cool, calm and collected dude that likes to live life and I love peace. Unfortunately, in what I do in the ring, I turn into the ‘Bronze Bomber’ and the ‘Bronze Bomber’ don’t get caught by none.”