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XFC 9 Review

The good people at HDNet and XFC were kind enough to give me cage side seats at XFC 9 last night. I took sort of a play-by-play of the entire event which I was extremely impressed with.

MMA Scraps- XFC 9- Evolution

The production looks great so far.

Nice people in the organization.

Everything looks organized accordingly.

Very good crowd showing up for the undercard.

Good presentation all around.

Ring girls are nice.

There’s an XFC extreme dance team.

They are explaining the rules to the crowd.

Showing a highlight video of past XFC’s on the jumbotron, but I can’t see it because of these great seats.

First fight is starting- Jesse Benton vs Sean Bartlett
Some drunk idiots in the crowd, booing the grappling, d-bags.
Good fight, some good grappling and punching exchanges. I give the round to Bartlett.
Good top position grappling from Bartlett and sunk in a rear naked choke in the middle the second to force a tap. This guy is pumpin up the crowd and after fight interview is pretty interesting.

Second Fight Undercard- Rey Trajilo vs Shah Bobonis
Very good fight lots of good scrambles, Shah takes the first round.
Good escapes from Rey. Rey wading in too fast with his strikes.
Shah pulls guard in the second, kind of suprising. Good heart from Rey and his GNP is good.
Rey is a talented prospect IMO. He dominated the second round with good strikes and superior top control. Amazing fight, both guys talented. A couple stand ups. but not too bad.
A great fight.
I got Rey 29-28, but we’ll see what the judges think. Judges score it right I think. Rey has a future, great display of heart and skills.

Third Fight- Hasan vs Julio Gallegos
Hasan is a huge Middleweight. ATT guy. Gallagos ends it quickly with a big right hand and then sinks in a gulliontine choke.

Goin live on HDNET in soon. The announcer tryin to get the crowd pumped up.

Dancin girls comin out again, gotta love it.

Live show should begin soon. The overall show, refs, judging, presentation etc. is far above most regional shows.

Schiavello and Mezger doing the pre-show, but I can’t see the screens.

Now Ron Kruck interviewing War Machine.

The undercard fights were all exciting and entertaining in my opinion.

War Machine thinks his wrestling and strength will be the difference against Mikey Gomez.

First televised fight is Chris Barnett vs Daniel Perez
Perez is part of Team Nogueira. Barnett is a serious hometown favorite.
Perez is very good in the clinch.
Awesome brawl, but the first round goes to Perez who pretty much dominated the stand-up.
Very good fight. Barnett lands a big right hand and finishes with strikes from the mount.
Barnett is a personality, great stuff. Hilarious post fight interview.

On a side note- still very impressed with the presentation.

Nate Jolly vs Frank Santore
Santore is another hometown favorite, from Orlando.
Jolly landed some shots on the feet, got a slam and controled top position for the whole fight.
Annoying ref, asking for restarts in side mount and while Jolly was busy with punches.
Ref is horrid, but he hasnt actually stood them up yet.
Second round all Jolly with the exception of one takedown.
Crowd booing good grappling, ridiculous.
Stupid crowd.
Nate jolly just dominated the wrestling and grappling throughout the entire fight.

Next Bout- Julian Williams(ATT Guy) vs Jeremy Thurlow(Gracie Tampa)
Another good first round. I give it Julian with more powerful strikes, he hurt him a couple times and the ground game was a stalemate.
Takedown at the end from Jeremy wont be enough to steal the round. Julian is the faster more powerful striker.
Julian finishes the bout with a guillontine choke directly in front of me, friends tell me you can see my ugly mug on TV. He totally dominated the fight from start to finish. He has some potential considering this is his pro debut.

Tim Snyder vs Bruce Conners
Bruce looks for a takedown, but in a scramble he lands a big right hand that drops Tim and then finishes with some brutal ground and pound.

I find myself looking at the defeated fighter and feeling enormous sympathy for him. All that training and hard work gone.

Title Fight-5 Rounds- Pablo Alfonso vs Jason Goodall
Goodall was mentioned on MMA Live as a top prospect.
Goodall using rubber guard, Rogan would be screaming.
Close round, goodall actually controlled from the bottom, but of course most judges will see it the other way around.
Goodall takes the second round by almost finishing with an inverted triangle choke right in front of my face, pretty nasty, but Pablo is tough and was able to survive.
3rd round Pablo came back with a nice high kick and was able to control the grappling this time from top control and even mounted jason at the end of the round.
Good fight, Pablo ends it with a beautiful transition from full mount to a triangle and pulls the head down for the tap out.

I notice I havent seen any bad blood, all the fighters very respectful of each other.

Very good fights so far, great seats from XFC President John Prisco, I couldnt be happier with this event.

The main event is coming up.

War Machine vs Mickey Gomez
First round goes to War Machine with some good powerful strikes, the ground work was a stalemate mostly.
Uneventful second round, still goes to War Machine.
Fight ends, maybe a poke, looked more like a broken eye socket.
After fight interview with War. Should be good.

War machine, respectful in the post fight interview.

Great night of fights.

Overall I was extremely impressed with the XFC and I urge anyone to go out to their event if you are close.