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WSOF 7: Karakhanyan vs. Palmer Live Results

World Series of Fighting 7 comes to you live from the P.N.E Agrodome in Vancouver, British Columbia. Tonight’s card features the inaugural featherweight title fight between Georgi Karakhanyan and Lance Palmer. FightLine has you covered with live play by play and quick results starting from the bottom of the page up. Stay tuned!


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MAIN CARD (NBC Sports Network, 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT)
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Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Lance Palmer

  • Round 1:
    They touch gloves and we’re off! Trading feints early. Palmer circling on the outside using solid footwork while Karakhanyan stalks him down. Palmer lunges forward with a straight left. Karakhanyan goes high with a kick.  Follows it up with a spinning heel kick. Palmer changes levels for a take down but Karakhanyan defends.  Karakhanyan continues to stalk down Palmer. Palmer wings a straight left as he backs up into the cage. Palmer accidentally pokes Karakhanyan in the eye and we have a time out. There’s a bit of blood on the eye lid of Karakhanyan. Thankfully, we resume. Karakhanyan goes high with a kick. Palmer lands a left straight and a low kick. Karakhanyan continues to press forward with low kicks and trying to set up a high kick. One minute remaining. Karakhanyan goes high with another kick followed by a body kick. Palmer throws a looping right but eats a low kick. Karakhanyan the aggressor using his kicks to back Palmer up and keep him on the outside.

    @MikalMMA’s Scorecard: 10-9 KarakhanyanRound 2:

    After a few trades of jabs and feints, the fight is paused due to another accidental eye poke this time from Karakhanyan. The fight is paused though for a far less amount of time. We resume. Palmer wings a combination, Karakhanyan throws a combination back. Karakhanyan goes high with a kick, Palmer tries for a double leg. Karakhanyan threatens with an arm bar – Palmer picks him up and drops him to shake him off to defend  the submission. Palmer now in Karakhanyan’s guard. Kharakhanyan threatens with a leg lock but Palmer escapes and they return to their feet. Karakhanyan stalks Palmer down some more. He connects with a straight right. Palmer drives in for a take down completing a double leg. Palmer not working much in Karakhanyan’s guard. He passes into half guard momentarily but Karakhanyan regains his open guard. The round ends with Palmer on top.

    @MikalMMA’s Scorecard; 10-9 Palmer

    Round 3:
    Karakhnyan takes the center and begins to throw low kicks at Palmer. Karakhanyan stalking Palmer down but neither landing anything significant for the first minute of this round. Palmer looks for a single leg, Karakhanyan lands strikes from one foot as Palmer looks to trip out his back leg but Karakhanyan defends the attempt and breaks free. Palmer catches a kick and trips Karakhanyan to the ground. Palmer takes his back. Karakhanyan turns into Palmer and props himself up onto his knees but Palmer rolls with him and stays on his back as they sit up against the cage. Palmer moves to his guard but Karakhanyan catches him with a guillotine as he tries to move over to side control and closes up his guard! Palmer taps!

    Georgi Karakhanyan defeats Lance Palmer via submission (guillotine) in round 3

Elvis Mutapcic vs. Jesse Taylor

  • Round 1:
    Mutapcic circles on the outside his guiard. Kwhile Taylor takes the center. Taylor shoots in for a take down immediately, driving through to the cage and landing right into full mount. Mutapcic eats some ground and pound in order to roll and try and shake Taylor off of him but Taylor stays on him and takes control of his back. Taylor looking for a rear naked choke but Mutapcic regains half guard. Taylor continues to smother him. Mutapcic regains full guard while Taylor lands some good ground and pound. Mutapcic rolls to his side in attempts to improve his position. Taylor stays on him. Taylor looks for a guillotine but Mutapcic rolls him over and ends up in his half guard. Taylor is able to force a scramble and end up back on top of Mutapcic. Taylor works in his full guard to close out the round.@MikalMMA’s Scorecard: 10-9 Taylor

    Round 2:
    Taylor opens the round with a high kick followed by a take down attempt. Mutapcic immediately threatens with a guillotine but Taylor escapes and continues to work away in the half guard of Mutapcic. Taylor grabs hold of a guillotine and pulls guard on Mutapcic. He tightens it up and rolls into full mount. He lets go of the attempt and moves to side control. Taylor controlling Mutapcic thus far as we approach the half way mark of the round. The referee stands them up after about a minute of non action. They hit the ground again with Mutapcic in top position this time around. He steps over into full mount. Taylor bucks and rolls Mutapcic over and takes top position. We approach the 10 second mark and it is much more of the same with Taylor on top smothering Mutapcic but still no significant damage done.@MikalMMA’s Scorecard: 10-9 TaylorRound 3:
    Taylor shoots in almost immediately once again, completing a take down with ease. Taylor continues to work in Mutapcic’s guard but isn’t advancing position or landing anything significant. Mutapcic is able to use butterfly hooks to kick Taylor off and return to his feet but Taylor is quick to shoot in for the take down Mutapcic creates some space and rolls to his side in hopes of forcing a scramble and being able to return to his feet but Taylor rolls with him and maintain half guard. Taylor lands an elbow that creates a cut above the eye of Mutapcic that sheds some blood. Taylor continues to ride out half gaurd to finish the round.

    @MikalMMA’s Scorecard; 10-9 TaylorJesse Taylor defeats Elvis Mutapcic via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Sabah Fadai vs. Nick Newell

  • Round 1:
    They square up in the center. Newell taking the center as Fadai circles the outside. Newell throws a low kick but Fadai avoids it. Newell goes to the mid section with a kick. Fadai throws an overhand right. Newell shoots for a take down and works a single leg. Fadai showing good balance. Newell tries to trip him down and he does. Fadai is quick to get back to his feet but Newell sinks in a standing guillotine and Fadai taps!Nick Newell defeats Sabah Fadai via submission (standing guillotine) at 1:21 in round 1.

Kalib Starnes defeats Dwayne Lewis via knock out (elbow) at 1:02 in round 2

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PRELIMINARY CARD (, 6:00 p.m. ET/3:00 p.m. PT)
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[Stream issues for the last 3 preliminary fights prevented a play by play. Apologies for the inconvenience]

Michael Hill def. Richard Arsenault by TKO (doctor stoppage) in round 2
David Perron defeats Matt Baker via Submission (Triangle Choke) at 1:46 of Round 1

Gabriel Solorio defeats Shawn Albrecht via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Myles Merola vs. Dan Ring

Referee: Kevin Dornan

  • Round 1
    They both rush to the center. Merola presses forward looking for a take down against the cage. Ring defends forcing a clinch and lands two knees before turning Merola around against the cage. Merola separates off the cage and they disengage. Merola throws a front kick but Ring explodes forward with about six consecutive punches thrown in a flurry. Merola changes levels for another take down, Ring sprawls against the cage. Merola switches to a single leg. Ring threatens with a kimura. Merola disengages. Merola continues to drive forward looking for the take down but Ring is punishing him for his attempts with knees. They disengage but Merola rushes him for yet another take down. Ring momentarily defends before yet another attempt that results in a scramble.  Ring almost takes top position but they return to their feet. Ring presses Merola against the cage. They break from the clinch after Ring lands some knees but only to engage in yet another clinch with Ring pushing Merola against the cage. They wing some overhands off of the break. Ring goes high with a kick that lands flush. Merola, with 20 seconds remaining in the round, completes a take down. He postures up to his feet with Ring throwing some wild up kicks. Ring connects with an accidental low blow. Time out called. Upon resuming the two go right after eachother exchanging big shots. Merola lands with a big right, Ring with a right of his own. Ring throws a wild spinning back fist that misses just before the bell.

    • @MikalMMA’s Scorecard: 10-9 Merola

    Round 2:

    Merola rushes forward forcing a clinch but Ring connects with some big knees and pushes Merola backwards accross the cage all the way to the other side. Merola turns him and changes levels for a take down completing it but Ring isn’t to be held down. Ring rolls for a kneebar but misses the attempt. This time it is ring looking for a take down against the cage. Ring completes a single leg. Merola works his way back to his feet but Ring stays on him grabbing hold of his back. Merola turns into him but Ring continues to work for a body lock take down. Merola threatens with a guillotine. He pulls guard. It appears to be somewhat tight but isn’t quite there. Ring defends. After a slight scramble, Ring jumps on Merola’s back as Merola tried to get to his feet. Merola turns into him as they work against the cage. Ring throws a knee as Merola works for a take down. They trip eachother up and they stumble to the mat with Ring landing on his knees. Merola lands a knee to the body before they return to their feet. Merola continues to try and drive through scoring a take down just before the bell.

    • @MikalMMA’s Scorecard: 10-9 Merola

    Round 3:

    Ring connects an uppercut as Merola is moving in. Merola is able to change levels and grab hold of a double leg, picking Ring up and slamming him away from the cage. Merola is starting to work some ground and pound, going to the body and head. Ring is utilizing butterfly guard and elbows from the bottom. Merola postures up to his feet and looks to rain down punches but eats an upkick right on the chin and jumps back into guard. Ring is very active on his back. Merola posturing up to his feet again looking to rain down some big punches but isn’t able to find a home for his right hand. He jumps back into guard and starts to land some short strikes. Ring is using some awkward heel kicks to the head of Merola that forces a time out and a point deduction. The referee resets them in the position they left off. Ring threatens with a leg lock that Merola defends but Ring uses it to sweep Merola and return to their feet. They clinch against the cage with Merola having his back to the cage but he quickly turns off the cage and presses forward for a double leg picking  Ring up and slamming him back down. Merola is now working some ground and pound. Merola threatens with a standing guillotine and throws some knees to the head as he holds the head lock. The bell sounds – seemingly about 20 seconds early.

    @MikalMMA’s Scorecard: 10-9 Merola, -1 point from Ring. 10-8 Merola

    Myles Merola defeats Dan Ring via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

Micah Brakefield vs. Brendan Kornberger

Referee: John Cooper

  • Round 1:
    Our first fight of the night! Brakefield takes the center of the cage throwing a low kick from the fringe. Kornberger goes over the top with a right. They trade low kicks. Brakefield lands a lead left hook. Kornberger circles around the outside looking to cut off angles and set up a big right hand off his jab. Brakefield forces a clinch followed by a level change looking for a take down. Kornberger sprawls against the cage, Brakefield moves to his back. Brakefield suplexes him. Kornberger finds his way back to his feet and spins away. Kornberger presses forward with a right hand landing flush that has Brakefield changing levels for a take down attempt. Kornberger defends momentarily but is pressed up against the cage and tripped to the mat. He finds his way back to his feet and is able to break away from the clinch. Brakefield goes high with a kick. Kornberger explodes with a combination but Brakefield ducks under and is able to trip Kornberger up and get him back to the ground. Kornberger once more finds his way to the feet but Brakefield clinches with him. Kornberger goes to the body with a hook forcing Brakefield to break away. Brakefield attempts another take down, reaching in for a single leg. Kornberger rains down a flurry of downward elbows to the shoulder of Brakefield punishing him for the attempt. Brakefield holds onto a clinch against the cage and eats some body shots and elbows to the shoulder before the bell.

    • @MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Kornberger

    Round 2:
    Kornberger lands a hard low kick early. He sets up an overhand right with his jab but Brakefield clinches with him as he comes in, turning him against the cage. Brakefield hunts for a single leg but Kornberger sprawns and is unloading some hard rights to punish Brakefield. Brakefield falls to his back and hunts for a leg lock. Kornberger defends and takes top position on Brakefield who is rolling around hunting for a submission. Kornberger lands some hard elbows onto the hips of Brakefield. They roll. Kornberger lands a big elbow to the head of Brakefield. Brakefield looks for an omaplata sweep but Kornberger defends and is unloading on Brakefield who is almost defenseless. Brakefield covers up in a fetal position. Kornberger continues to unload. His corner throws in the towel as the referee was moving in to stop the fight.

    Brendan Kornberger def. Micah Brakefield via TKO (punches) at 2:45 of round 2