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World Premiere: Feature Film “A Fighting Chance” – The Story of Kyle Maynard

The folks at Snag Films were kind enough to let me view a screener of the documentary feature film “A Fighting Chance”. It is the story of quadruple amputee wrestler/MMA fighter Kyle Maynard. You may remember me posting about him awhile ago. Snag Films has just a few minutes ago released it to the public and it is available below for your viewing pleasure.

After watching the 89 minute feature I have to say that not only is it inspirational, but it is expertly produced. This is not your typical dime-a-dozen MMA documentary. It is truly up there with “Choke” and “The Smashing Machine” as the best MMA documentaries I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Of course this isn’t only about MMA, it is a truly an in-depth study of the struggles and triumphs of this wonderful persevering human being.

“A Fighting Chance” is a vivid, character-driven story unlike any before it. Not only has Maynard learned to live life independently and without prosthetics, in the film he trains to fight in an official Mixed Martial Arts match – a highly controversial and dangerous goal – his story brings us to ask the question: what is a disability? The film ends with the climactic fight that will change Kyle’s life forever.

The film is available to watch in it’s entirety for two weeks only.
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