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Where to sit at a UFC event

Where to sit at a UFC event

Where should I sit at a UFC event? That’s the biggest question anyone will ask who is attending a live UFC event. While there are plenty of options and different opinions on where to sit we will walk you through a few options.

The Floor

If you want to meet other UFC fighters and maybe hob knob with celebrities then the floor is for you. While you will pay the highest price for floor seats you may end up with the best experience. You are very close to the cage, but the one downfall is that you have to look ‘up’ into the elevated cage and often the view is obstructed by other people sitting ahead of you.

First bowl

Often the first (or lower bowl) will give you the best option in terms of a lower price than the floor but a great view. If you manage to get sits that are above the top of the cage you will be well served to buy them. The cage has a thin dark and hard fencing that makes seeing into the cage a challenge. If you manage to get UFC tickets in the lower bowl you may want to consider if they will be above the top of the cage or not.

Upper bowl

UFC seats in the upper bowl are cheaper but the view will be less than perfect. You are much further from the cage which makes the viewing challenging. Conversely the views on the large in venue screen make seeing the fighters actually relatively easy.

Private Suite

UFC event in a private suite (or private box) is a great option. The upside is you don’t have to worry about lines for food or the bathroom and everything is brought to you in the suite. The downside is the price. A private suite will run you more than the price of floor seats and often filling a large amount of tickets can be a challenge.

When buying tickets for a UFC event make sure you figure out your budget first and foremost and factor in that you will have to spend money on food and drinks during the event. Once you know that make sure to take into consideration our tips on how to find the best seats and the pros and cons of each. Be sure to read our article on ‘How to buy UFC tickets’ which will help you get through the process quickly and easily.

Good luck and have fun at the UFC event!