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What is Your Favorite MMA Fighter’s Net Worth?

The interwebs can never cease to amaze with ways to pass the time. There’s a little website called Celebrity Net Worth which somehow calculates the net worth of celebrities. I was listening to the Howard Stern Show this morning and comedienne Lisa Lampanelli was a guest, Stern mentioned the website and that they clocked Lampanelli’s net worth at a cool 4.5 million. The comedienne was surprised at how accurate the estimate was. Now who knows what kind of actual facts or crazy algorithm they use, but I figure there may be a slim chance that they keep MMA fighters in their database and sure enough they do. Remember these are no doubt just estimates. In case you were wondering Dana White comes in at 150 Million, while Lorenzo Fertitta has 1 Billion in the bank. One note to take away from this list is promote yourself like BJ Penn.