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Watch FiELDS K-1 Dynamite!! Online

I have been getting a ton of emails of people asking where can they watch the big New Year’s K-1 event since HDNet and FEG couldn’t work out a deal to broadcast it. Well thanks to the guys at FightLinker we have a way to check it out.

While most people are cautiously optomistic that SOMEONE is going to be providing a questionably legal stream for tonight’s K1 Dynamite show, I’ve been freaking out looking for backups. Fortunately, jackal Shocbomb found something: KeyholeTV.

What’s that? It’s a little app built by the Japanese government to let you watch a whole bunch of Japanese TV channels live. And yep, it pulls in TBS which will be showing a condensed / tape delayed Dynamite show at 7PM Tokyo time … aka 5AM EST. The program is super simple to use: download it here, install the program and then scroll down to the station marked TBS. Click on the WATCH button and boom, you have TBS.

Thanks so much to FightLinker, if I had to miss this amazing card, I probably would have cried.