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Wanderlei Silva Wouldn’t Accept UFC HOF Spot If Asked

wanderlei silva

Wanderlei Silva gave his first English-speaking interview recently when he appeared on an episode of Submission Radio. “The Axe Murderer” is currently indefinitely suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission after electing to not take a drug test.

Silva was scheduled to face Chael Sonnen multiple times this year, with the final booking expected for July. Both fighters eventually failed or elected to not take drug tests, leaving lasting marks on their resumes.

The Brazilian, though, is fighting his ruling and plans to continue to do so until the very end.

“I’ll go to the court. This is not fair, and I’m going to fight to the finish,” he said. “I’m gonna prove that these guys have no law against me. These guys can’t do nothing with me. I’m gonna prove that.”

Silva was unlicensed when the testing was asked of him, and he believes that is why he stands a chance in the court room.

“Exactly. I don’t have a licence. Man, I don’t work for these guys. I don’t have a contract or have nothing signed. What these guys can do? Nothing, and that is their rules,” he said. “I don’t make these rules. These guys make the rules, and these (guys) don’t respect their rules. What? These guys want to be over the law.”

Some have wondered if his retirement video put out was just a way to generate sympathy or talk about the fighter, but the Brazilian appears set on his ways.

“No, no no,” when asked about fighting in another country or promotion. For me, it’s done. I (will) not fight anymore. For anyone.”

UFC president Dana White stated after the suspension that Silva would not be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame despite the fact that Stephan Bonnar, who failed multiple drug tests, is in the ring of honor.

“I don’t want (it). If the guys invite me I won’t accept, because my Hall of Fame is my fans. My fans are the Hall of Fame. Not him. He does not decide who goes into the Hall of Fame. The fans decide,” he said. “He can’t decide everything. No. The guys go to the Hall of Fame just for him (laughs). No way man, I don’t accept. If the guy is asking me, I don’t go.”