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Wanderlei Silva All For TUF: Brazil Vs. USA

Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen have been named coaches for The Ultimate Fighter, but how the season will play out is still being worked on. Sonnen has spoken about having American fighters on his team so he can communicate with them. If the show airs on Brazil’s version, Silva is fine with Sonnen coaching Americans as it will help the ratings.

“I believe it could be even more interesting with Chael coaching American fighters,” said Silva to MMA Fighting. “We need big ratings. If we don’t pull good numbers on the TV we might not get another season [in Brazil], so we need to do a good show for the fans, and I believe it would be better with a Brazil vs. USA season. It makes no sense to have him here coaching Brazilian fighters.”

“The Axe Murderer” sent the idea over to UFC president Dana White, who is still digesting it with no final decision.

These two have been at it for a while now, with Silva being the latest target of Sonnen’s taunting. The original feud started when Sonnen made rude comments about the Brazilian fans during his buildup for the Anderson Silva rematch.

Sonnen still has to take on Rashad Evans at UFC 167 and Silva isn’t returning to Octagon this year due to a back problem.