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Wanderlei Silva Releases Video Statement, Says UFC 175 Fiasco “A Big Confusion”

wanderlei silva

Wanderlei Silva is no longer scheduled to meet Chael Sonnen in July at UFC 175. Instead, Vitor Belfort will step in and face Sonnen on the Fourth of July weekend card.

Silva has remained quiet on the matter until Friday, releasing a video in which he states the entire ordeal is just a “big confusion.”

According to Sonnen, Silva refused to take a drug test when the Nevada Athletic Commission showed up to his gym. That resulted in “The Axe Murderer” not being allowed to obtain his fight license for the bout.

“I have invested all my time and I’ve gone through a lot to make this fight happen,” Silva said. “This is all a big confusion. Everything I’ve heard, I heard it, just like you, from the internet.”

Silva detailed his own recount of how the “meeting” with the NAC went down, saying, “a guy showed up at my gym with several papers in English saying that I had to sign the papers. He did not show me any identification.

“So I told him that I can’t read English very well and I would need my lawyer present to be able to sign any documents. Then I had to leave since it was the day of (Renan) Barao’s fight and I was really busy here in Vegas.”

The Brazilian added that he has “never refused to take a test” in his 20-year MMA career and that he plans to reach out to the NAC once he returns from Brazil and submit himself to testing.

“If this fight doesn’t happen, it will be very difficult for me,” he said, in regards to facing Sonnen. “I’ve had to deal with a lot of pressure and I went through a lot on TUF Brazil 3.”