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Wanderlei Silva Could Be In Big Trouble, Says Dana White

wanderlei silva

UFC president Dana White has no impact on what the Nevada Athletic Commission decides to do with Wanderlei Silva. But, he doesn’t believe “The Axe Murderer” is going to get off scotch-free from his latest ordeal.

While Silva stated he felt things would turn in his favor, White recently told that he doesn’t believe it will work out that way.

Silva refused to take a drug test earlier this year, and the NAC suspended him. He appeared recently in front of the commission to state his claims of innocence.

“I’m not the athletic commission, but I think he’s very wrong,” White said. “I think he’s in big trouble. You can not run away from a test. You can’t do it, and it sets a very bad precedent. He would have been better off taking the test and testing positive than running from the test.

“But I’m not a commission member. Maybe I’m wrong and he’s right. We’ll see what happens.”

White added that what Silva did in running from taking the drug test is “as bad as it gets.”

“Basically, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is the judge and the jury, and they’re going to handle it,” he said. “Whatever happens, he will have his sentence and do whatever the commission says.”

While some wondered if things between Silva and the UFC would be over due to this, White made sure to clear that up.

“He and I have always dealt well with each other,” White said. “Once he’s through that, he and I will be cool.”