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Uriah Hall Reportedly Punches Jason “Mayhem” Miller

At a recent BAMMA USA event over the weekend, UFC fighter Uriah Hall got into a minor altercation with Jason “Mayhem” Miller. The confrontation was apparently started by Miller, who was using racial slurs towards Hall.

After several racial slurs, The Clinch Report stated Miller made the first move and Hall punched him in the face. Miller’s face was apparently swollen as a result. The following was sent out by The Clinch Report about the incident.

“I am actually filled with mixed emotions, because again Mayhem is obviously at rock bottom. In fact, he is just Jason Miller, his rascal-like Mayhem, is long gone. In its place, all that is left is a bitter, ex jock, who is burning every bridge he comes across. He will not be allowed back at BAMMA USA. And this comes straight from the top!”

It appears Miller was the aggressor.

Hall is 0-2 for the UFC and must beat Chris Leben at UFC 168 to keep his contract. Miller is no stranger to bad news, having been arrested several times the past few years.