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Uriah Hall Overrated By The Media, Says Former Opponent John Howard

Heading into last season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) most of the focus was directed towards Uriah Hall. With hype from UFC president Dana White and some highlight reel finishes, Hall looked like a title contender. Then he lost in TUF finals and his second outing was a decision loss to John Howard at last month’s UFC Fight Night 26.

According to Howard, the media hyped Hall to be more than he is.

“I think because of the media he is overrated,” said Howard on “I didn’t think I was better than him or that he was better than me. He’s a really good striker but I think that the level of the playing field was even. That night I was just a better fighter.”

It was Howard’s return to the UFC and a special request he put in after the Boston Marathon Bombings. The Massachusetts native was given another chance by the UFC and is now 21-8.

Hall asked for one more UFC fight and White has agreed.

Neither individual is linked to any UFC fights.