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UFN 28 Prelims: Keith Wisniewski vs Ivan Jorge

van Jorge vs Keith Wisniewski

Round 1: Ivan immediately shoots in dep on a takedown but Keith defends. Ivan relentless with cliching against the fence and takedown attempts, but he just can’t do it. Keith picks his shots from outside wisely and he is doing nice damage. He times a few knees to the body. Straight punches coming from Keith that are quite effective. Ivan clinching against the cage again, but he has nothing for Keith. He can’t do any damage at all or secure a single takedown. Keith stays patient and times a knee on the break. Keith looking good in the clinch with Thai attacks. 10-9 Wisniewski

Round 2: Ivan lands a nice combo to open the round, right hook to a left inside leg kick. He attempts another takedown but Keith yet again defends. Keith briefly hits the mat, but he is back up. Ivan won’t let go. Ivan takes his back against the fence and maintains a super-awkward humping motion for at least a few seconds. Keith’s face is in a WTF expression. Incredibly ineffective strategy from Ivan. Keith just standing there. Keith out of the clinch and he is pissed off. He clinches and throws knees and punches again, he is staying busy. Ivan clinches again. Wow, ref FINALLY breaks them apart. Ivan is very inactive. Keith looking for strikes from the clinch again. Ivan looks tired, and Keith looks just fine. This strategy is really backfiring for Ivan. 10-9 Wisniewski

Round 3: Ivan opens with leg kicks and they are looking good. Keith clinches and looks for more knees. Keith falling short with his clinch output. Ivan pushes them up against the fence yet again. Not activity. Yamasaki breaks them up and then realizes that a low blow was landed. They re-engage after a short break and then Ivan pushes forward and he actually throws strikes from his clinch for once. Some decent knees from Ivan, why didn’t he do this for the entire fight? Ivan throws even more strikes. He is actually busy now. He throws many knees to the legs and body, but nothing of consequence. Too little too late. 10-9 Jorge

My goodness. What a terrible decision.

Ivan Jorge def. Keith Wisniewski via unanimous decision