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UFN 28 Prelims: Felipe Arantes vs Edimilison Souza

Felipe Arantes vs Edimilson Souza

Round 1: Souza looking very loose. He is all over with straight punches and head movement. His hands are low. Arantes staying tight, but he looks confused. Souza’a output has slowed, mostly movement now. He picks it up halfway through the round, he corners Arantes and lets loose some long punches. Arantes blocks them. Souza very busy now, long, straight punches. I wonder what his reach is? Arantes times a double leg and Souza is on his back. Souza doing a great job of neautralizing. Arantes can’t pass the closed guard, and he can’t really land any strikes at all. Souza chilling. Arantes stans, but he lands a big right hand and re-enters the guard. Arantes stays busy this time around, and he moves to mount right before the bell signals the end of the round. 10- Arantes, by a hair

Round 2: Souza looking very sharp. The occasional right cross lands flush on Arantes. Souza walkiing him down. Arantes shoots for a double, Souza defending well. They are stuck against the cage. Finally they break, and Souza is picking him apart. Nice body punches, nice combos. Souza applying much rpessure. Arantes puts his hands down as if to say that nothing is hurting him, but this is stupid. Souza throws a few more punches to the head and Arantes changes his mind. Souza winning easily while standing. 10-9 Souza

Round 3: Souza still landing clean. Nice combos. Arantes lands a nice body kick. Souza is so sharp though, he is winning each exchange. He is showing some amazing head movement. A right hand lands flush by Souza, Arantes leans against the fence. Souza throws some odd sloppy punches, and Arantes shoots in and gets  takedown. Technical error from Souza. Souza escapes. Souza moving forward but he is using mostly footwork. Arantes lands a takedown again. Arantes pins him up against the cage and he is going for body punches and knees. This will steal this round from Arantes. We all know how the judges favor the grappler. 10-9 Souza, however the judges will obviously score it 10-9 Arantes

Wow, hey I’m wrong. Nice to see the decision go to the right figher.

Edimilison Souza def. Felipe Arantes via split decision