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UFN 28 Main Card: Rafael Natal vs Tor Troeng

Rafael Natal vs Tor Troeng

Round 1: Natal pressures early, both both fighters using good footwork.  Natal hurts Troeng with an overhand, and Natal ends up on top trying to finish. He settles into half guard.  They have a nice scramble when Natal looks for a sloppy topside guillotine. They switch positions often, Troeng proceeds to sweep every time Natal commits to a submission.  Crazy grappling exchanges! Troeng winds up standing over Natal and he lands big left while diving back into guard.When Natal looks to escape, Troeng leaps onto his back and searches for the choke until the bell. 10-9 Natal

Round 2: Natal absolutely blasts Troeng with a right hand that puts him on his back. I have no idea how Troeng is still conscious.  Natal looking to finish, but Troeng hangs on. Tough spot for Troeng. He is getting elbowed. Troeng looks to take Natal’s back when Natal decides to stand, but Natal escapes. They exchange submission attempts and dive on them while in the clinch.  Crazy grappling and I am having trouble keeping up. Exciting fight. 10-9 Natal

Round 3: Natal looks tired. Troeng looks to pressure Troeng looks for a takedown against the fence. Natal locks in a nasty looking guillotine! Troeng looks like he is in trouble, but he gives the thumbs up to the ref. Natal burning energy on this submission, he rolls to his back and sticks with it. Troeng escapes. Troeng on top in half guard and they are both tired. Troeng is tenacious, but Natal is all over him until the end of the fight. 10-9 Natal

Rafael Natal def.  Tor Troeng via unanimous decision