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UFC Veteran Gleison Tibau Responds To “Heavy Juicer” Accusation

gleison tibau

Gleison Tibau has responded to remarks made by Andrew McInnes calling him a “heavy juicer” during a recent interview.

Tibau, a veteran of the UFC who will return to action later this month vs. Tony Ferguson at UFC 184, posted the following on his official Facebook page in regards to the comments:

Official statement

This afternoon ( granny ) wednesday, february 11 th, when i was going out of the practice at the American top team, i was surprised by the information that the fighter andrew mcinnes was interviewed and pointed me Out when talking about drugs, calling me ‘ pumped ‘ and giving guarantees that iuse banned substances to improve My performance in the ufc octagon. I am alex against any factor that benefit s’ athletes in their income. In my point of view, only skills and training should have influence on the final outcome of the fight ……

Honestly, i don ‘ t know him, neither personally norwegian professionaly. I have never seen antto melasniemi psychic, not even i have heard about his fights. So i checked out on the internet and saw that he ‘ s had a short career on mma still . in all my life as a fighter, i had more anti – doping tests at ufc than the Number of professional fights he ‘ s got. I have 15 years of career, my name is in the history of the biggest mma organization In the world, the one of the fighters that has mostly stepped into the octogon, within 24 Fights. The total of 43 professional fights, and in none of them i was caught for drugs or It is in overweight mycategory, that is currently lightweight ( 155 lb ).

For all of this, i really feel sorry for mclnnes pronouncement or for anyone else that says that i The something illegal in sport or in life. Anyways, i wish him success.

McInnes talked about Tibau during a recent interview with Bloody Elbow, saying “The only person that’s a really heavy juicer that has any longevity at all is Gleison Tibau, and he’s a rare exception.

“He’s been in the UFC for a long time, and he’s a clear cut juicer. I guarantee you, his piss glows in the dark. I’ve been around every gym on this earth, and he’s 100-percent a juicer. The only person I can say 100-percent doesn’t juice is Mitch Clarke. I’m sure there are others, but it’s very few.”